What to Do about a Lazy Performer

Despite your best efforts you will probably encounter a lazy performer during your journeys through the world of cam chatting. Sometimes the men who are the most energetic in free chat turn out to be the most lethargic in a private session. It’s hard to predict what he’s going to be like when you actually get him into a private chat. If you do find that you’ve picked a bit of a dud there are a couple things that you can try so that your session isn’t a total waste. Ask for His Input Building the Show A true professional cam model would be equally excited no matter what you asked him to do. This means that no matter what your request he would provide top-notch service. Unfortunately, not all men are as good at faking enthusiasm. Even worse, some of the men who aren’t that good at it are so hot that you don’t even really care that they’re being unprofessional. You just want to see them work it. That’s fair. So, if you’ve got a hottie whose body you have to see in a private session and he’s not living up the hype, there could be something wrong with your requests. He could be bored and phoning in…

Pushing the Boundaries with Your Favorite Cam Man and Getting Personal

“Ask him to do something, just for you” Sometimes the impersonal aspect of using cam sites can be a great escape from the usual drama of the real-life dating and hookup scene. However, sometimes you might get a bit tired of constantly logging off the site and having no further contact with your favorite cam model. Maybe you’ve even started to get a little bit sweet on one of your favorite models. We won’t judge – every guy has been there at one point. It can be a bit difficult to get up close and personal with a cam model, since they try rather hard to maintain their privacy, but there are ways you can go about it and there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind before you jump the gun and go for it. How to Push His Limits It is not always easy to convince cam models to get closer to you, and you want to push his limits at first to test how difficult he’s going to be about it. If he clams up and refuses to tell you anything no matter how sweetly you ask, you know you have a long haul ahead of you. If you decide to back off at…

How to Tell If a Gay Cam Site is Legit

Gay sex cam sites are like everything else on the Internet: some sites are safe, some sites aren’t. Sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference between the two-a scam site can look just as professional and real as a good one. Anyone who’s interested in checking out the fine, fine manflesh available on one of these cam sites doesn’t want to get screwed (at least not in the bad way), so it’s important to learn how to tell what features make a cam site legit. It’s also important to recognize the big red flags that let you know it’s a scam. No Sneak Peek “You cannot take a look around without paying some money” The top sites in the world of gay sex cams are always, always going to prospective customers take a look around before they need to pay anything. This doesn’t mean you’re going to get a free private show with that hot blonde stud-it means that you’ll be allowed to check out the performer selection, the public chat, and basically get a feel for how the site works. If you’ve found a cam site that looks good but won’t let you take a look around before you’re prompted to pay, ditch it and look for another one.…


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The Top Dogs in Gay Cams

#1 Site: CameraBoys
#2 Site: LivePrivates
#3 Site: Sexier
#4 Site: Cams
#5 Site: Webcams


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