Why You Should Explore the Daddy Kink with Your Cam Man

“A daddy kink is quite popular” We all have our unique set of kinks and fetishes (and for those that are more vanilla, mere preferences) and it can be difficult to explore them without a willing partner. You may be embarrassed by your kink or you may just not find that many guys who are willing to try things out with you. Using cam sites is the best way to safely explore your sexuality and test out your favorite kinks, and daddy kinks are no exception. You get to have all the fun that a daddy kink can entail without any of the embarrassment or judgment that can sometimes come with random hookups in real life. Whether you’re just starting out or if you know you have a huge daddy kink for sure, you should consider exploring the kink by using cam sites. What Is a Daddy Kink? If you don’t already know what a daddy kink is, it’s time to learn. It is a bit obvious from what it’s called, but it’s basically when you enjoy roleplaying a father/son scenario, or it can be a less specific Dominant/submissive scenario. It usually involves one partner calling the more dominant partner their Daddy and submitting to the dominant partner’s whims. It…

What to Do When the Performer Has an Accident of Any Kind

“Stop him from freaking out” Performing on camera is not as easy as you might think. It can actually be quite stressful and difficult, especially since it is live and there’s no way to edit the performance. Once you start viewing cams on a regular basis, you’re bound to see quite a few awkward things happen on cam. This can range from anything from an unwanted pet wandering onto screen, a roommate interrupting the performer, or any of the various mishaps that can occur to anybody at any time. What should you do when a performer you’re watching has a mishap? You can actually work the situation to your advantage at times, making the awkward moment into an opportunity for success. Knowing how to help a performer bounce back from a mishap will make you the star of the show. Comforting the Performer to Score Big If you have enough charisma to pull it off, you should try to comfort the performer after he has an accident. If it’s something he can recover from quickly and if it’s just somewhat embarrassing, go ahead and start reassuring him as much as you can. If you make a performer get over his embarrassment, he will likely be thankful. This can translate into…


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#1 Site: CameraBoys
#2 Site: LivePrivates
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