The Pros and Cons of Streaming Live Cam Shows to Other People

“Do you like streaming live cam?” Streaming live male cam shows can be exciting, but it is not without its risks. There are many rules set in place when it comes to live streaming and if you break them, you could land yourself in a world of trouble. The Pros One of the best things about streaming live cam shows to other people is that you can not only make a name for yourself, you can also make yourself some money. There are many men online who want to watch cam shows, but do not want to put their computer or credit card information out there. When you offer to stream live cam shows for men to watch and only charge them a nominal fee using PayPal to view them, they will definitely be willing to pay you. Depending on the fee you charge them, you can attract the attention of several men. If you are running these shows multiple times a week, you have the potential to make a lot of money very quickly. Because you’re on the Internet, word of mouth will spread and before you know it, you can have several fans and followers. If you have any other sort of side business, you can use this…

3 Things to Talk about When the Chat Gets Quiet

The next time, a chat lags in your cam session, don’t just sit there not knowing what to say. The last thing you want is for things to get awkward. An awkward group chat isn’t going to keep the men turning up. If there aren’t enough men coming in then your cam performer might close down. It might sound a little dramatic to say that a good conversation can keep a group chat (and getting to see your favorite cam guy at a much reduced price) going for a long time but that’s what it can come down to. Rather than log off the next time things go quiet try these topics to liven things up. For a Casual Atmosphere Crack a Joke What you should do to keep the chat going depends on what kind of chat you’re having. If things are casual, just crack a joke. It can be as simple as that to keep the atmosphere from freezing up. Pretty soon someone is going to come up with the tokens for their next request and the chat is going to get sexy again. If you need to break up ice in a conversation, then a simple joke will do the trick. Make Him Entertain You with a…

3 Requests to Make of a Male Cam Performer to Make the Fun Last Longer

To a man trying to save money, a short cam show sounds like the perfect deal. If you need something a little bit longer to get your satisfaction, however, there are some specific requests that you can make that will allow the show to last longer for both you and him. Try these on and you can basically customize the length of your cam show to fit your specific needs. Ride a Dildo If you want to get a good show for your money you should have your cam man ride a dildo. This makes more effort on his part and offers you something better on yours. It also takes longer for a man to finish this way than if it was a hand game the whole time. This means that you can be sure that the show is going to last for as long as you need it too. There’s also more to control when you’re watching him ride. You can ask for dildo size options, tell him to go fast or slow or change how he’s positioned to the camera so that you get the best view. If you’re a perfectionist than this is the thing for you; tweak the combination of dildo and camera angle to get…

3 Facts to Build Your Confidence Before You Take Him Private

It’s not always easy to take the cam man of your choice private. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before then your first time will be as awkward and exciting as your first time offline. If you want to have a private show with a cam man and you’re too nervous, just focus on the facts. These will help calm you down and give you the confidence you need to take any cam model private, anytime. You’re Not the First Guy He’s Dealt With Before you think it’s a shame that you’re not his first think about it logically. Would you rather be with a man who knows what he’s doing or a man who’s never heard of the position you want to see him in? Not being the first guy he’s dealt with also means that you can calm down about being “too weird.” Even if you’re on a kink site or asking something quite a bit less vanilla than the average man you know that either A) he’s heard it before or B) he’s heard something just as kinky before and knows how to handle something that he wasn’t expecting. You’re not going to throw him off or disgust him, and he’s going to make sure…


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