You’ve Been Caught, Now What: Believable Excuses that Work

“You better come up with some excuse in this situation” Getting caught watching a live cam site is never fun. Save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment by having lies in place that you know will work. You’re Getting Paid to Review Them When you have gotten caught watching a live male cam show, it can be awkward, stressful, and even a bit scary (especially if people aren’t aware that you enjoy watching men perform). Usually, you are so worried about convincing the person who caught you that it was a pop up, or something similar, that it just makes you dig yourself even deeper into a hole. Instead of trying to rack your brain to come up with a lie that you hope someone else will believe; you should have a believable lie already in place. When you tell someone that you are getting paid to review a live cam show, you are going to have to make sure that you sound completely serious. You are also going to have to make sure you have a way to back up this lie. Do some research and find a legit company that deals with adult material. Get as much information as you can about the company, so that when…

Why Bi Guys Should Favor Male Cam Performers

“Go for the make cam performers” Picking out a cam performer is tough. When you’re a bisexual, it’s even tougher. There are tons of tempting ladies for you to look at, but there are also a lot of male cam models online these days. When you’re deciding what to pick for your evening’s session it just makes more sense for you to go with a cam man over a cam girl. Here’s why men are better for a camming bi guy. Live Your Fantasy Look at the numbers game side of life. There are more straight women in the world than there are bi and gay men. This means that even though you swing both ways you’re going to have way more chances to hook up with women in your life than men. Camming is already about a personal connection to your fantasies. Why not take it a step further and indulge yourself with a man? You’re already trying to live out your kinks and your scenario fantasies. Why pay for the kind of encounter that you have better odds of having in your day-to-day life when you could break out of the mold. It just makes sense to favor a male performer in a camming scenario. Gain Confidence with…

Getting a New Cam Guy to Give You the Best Show

“Get a good show from professional” Cam sites are the main source for a personalized porn option. But they’re also a huge source of money for the models. That means that there are going to be a ridiculous amount of people who jump on the train just for a ride. So you’re going to have to dig through them to find a man who’s going to give you a good show. But that can be a pain in the ass, so you might have to get the new guy to give you a good show whether he knows how to or not. Avoid Private Chat It might be tempting to get into a private chat with the hot new guy, but those can cost you some serious money. A new guy isn’t really versed in the ways of a pro yet, so spending time trying to get him to do what you want can end up costing you a pretty penny in the process. There will still be a ton of guys in free chat just because that’s how it works, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put in requests. Telling him what to do will give him some direction when he doesn’t know how to act. Boss Them…


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