Reasons to Trust Cam Site Security

Yeah, the first rule of the Internet is to basically not trust anything you read, find, or see on the Internet. That’s how you protect yourself from the hordes of scams, viruses, and other unpleasant situations. Sometimes though, you’ll come across the kind of website that’s legit and safe to play around on. A lot of people think that sex cam sites are on the risky end of the spectrum. Sometimes they’re right. There are lots of legit cam sites out there though, and there are a number of reasons you should trust in the security measures they’ve put in place to protect the person most valuable to them: you, the paying customer. Other People Trust It “Don’t make a hasty decision” This may seem like a weak reason, but it’s really not. If a cam site is doing tons of business with other guys just like you, it means that these other guys know it’s legit. If this cam site was continually ripping people off and screwing them out of money, would guys keep flocking to it and handing over their financial info? No, they wouldn’t. You can get a good measure of how trustworthy a cam site is by taking a look at the kind of traffic it’s…

Pushing the Boundaries with Your Favorite Cam Man and Getting Personal

“Ask him to do something, just for you” Sometimes the impersonal aspect of using cam sites can be a great escape from the usual drama of the real-life dating and hookup scene. However, sometimes you might get a bit tired of constantly logging off the site and having no further contact with your favorite cam model. Maybe you’ve even started to get a little bit sweet on one of your favorite models. We won’t judge – every guy has been there at one point. It can be a bit difficult to get up close and personal with a cam model, since they try rather hard to maintain their privacy, but there are ways you can go about it and there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind before you jump the gun and go for it. How to Push His Limits It is not always easy to convince cam models to get closer to you, and you want to push his limits at first to test how difficult he’s going to be about it. If he clams up and refuses to tell you anything no matter how sweetly you ask, you know you have a long haul ahead of you. If you decide to back off at…

Multi Window Browsing: Getting the Most from Your Time Online

Normal guys don’t have hours and hours to browse cam sites each day. They only have enough time to look briefly around and then take in one good show. This means that most men actually end up running their sessions like a game of roulette; who knows who they’re going to pick or what quality of show they’re going to get? If you’re method of choosing a cam model is picking the first hot guy you want to see naked you’re going about this the wrong way. You should be using multiple tabs to find the hottest gay cam shows available at any given moment. Can Your Computer Handle the Strain The first question that springs to mind with using multiple tabs or windows to browse cam sites is whether or not your computer can handle the pressure. If you have a newer model laptop (within the last two to three years) you probably don’t need to worry, but if you’re using an older model then you can perform a simple check without having to go anywhere near cam sites. Open up three different tabs. In the first, start streaming a movie. In the second, put on some music. The third should be devoted to high intensity visuals and audio,…

Finding the Best Cam Site for Your Fetish

“Look for the best in the business” It’s not always easy to get your fetish fix online. Yeah, there are tons of sex cam sites out there, but not all of them cater to the fetish crowd. While most cam sites do have fetish categories, the type of fetish they allow is generally pretty vanilla. If you want to see the harder, kinkier stuff, you’re going to have to search around. It’s not that hard to do, though. There are tons of guys just like you who want the same thing, which means there’s going to be a lot of cam sites aimed at giving you what you need. Explore the Site FAQs If you’re not sure about whether or not a cam site allows the kind of kink you’re into, check out their FAQ page. Generally everything that’s allowed on the cam site will be listed there, along with what’s not allowed. You can skim over that section and find out whether or not this cam site has what you want. If it doesn’t, move on. If it does, all you need to do is find a model that fits your preference, drop some credits (and your pants) and sit back and enjoy the show. Check Out the Model…

Exploring Your Sexuality by Watching Guys on Cam

If you are curious about expanding and exploring your sexuality, you may want to consider doing so by watching gay performers on cam sites. This is probably something you’ve never really considered before, but think about it. If you’ve never been with a guy before, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by going out of your comfort zone only to find out that it’s not something you are super into. Using cam sites to explore your sexuality with gay models is a much better way to go about doing things, and it can be enjoyable even if it doesn’t wind up working out for you. Knowing how and why you can explore your sexuality using cam sites will help you open your horizons, and here’s how: It Takes the Pressure off of You “No one is going to judge you – let yourself free” One of the biggest reasons you should consider using cam sites to explore your sexuality is that it takes all the pressure off of you. Maybe you’ve been straight your whole life or maybe you’ve always wanted to experiment – whatever the case is, it can be a bit intimidating to get into the gay scene in real life. Using cam sites is much less intimidating…

Expanding Your Horizons on Cam Sites

“Go for what you really desire” Maybe you’re a pretty straightforward guy when it comes to sex. You don’t need a lot of frills or gimmicks to get the job done and there’s nothing wrong with that. But maybe you’ve also been wondering about some pretty kinky stuff and you’re not sure if you’d like it. You don’t want to spring it on your partner, because what if he thinks you’re weird or freaky? You don’t have to keep wondering on the sly. There’s an easy way to find out if a certain fetish or kink will get you off. All you need to do is try out a cam site. Explore Your Options “Browse and look for choices” There are so many cam sites out there that it’s literally impossible to list them all. There are cam sites that focus on young, hot cam guys. There are cam sites for bisexuals. There are interracial cam sites. There are cam sites for couples. There are also cam sites out there that focus purely on fetish and kink. In fact, you’ll be able to find a fetish category on most cam sites, but the site itself won’t necessarily allow some of the more extreme kinks out there (scat, urination, crush). If…

3 Requests to Make of a Male Cam Performer to Make the Fun Last Longer

To a man trying to save money, a short cam show sounds like the perfect deal. If you need something a little bit longer to get your satisfaction, however, there are some specific requests that you can make that will allow the show to last longer for both you and him. Try these on and you can basically customize the length of your cam show to fit your specific needs. Ride a Dildo If you want to get a good show for your money you should have your cam man ride a dildo. This makes more effort on his part and offers you something better on yours. It also takes longer for a man to finish this way than if it was a hand game the whole time. This means that you can be sure that the show is going to last for as long as you need it too. There’s also more to control when you’re watching him ride. You can ask for dildo size options, tell him to go fast or slow or change how he’s positioned to the camera so that you get the best view. If you’re a perfectionist than this is the thing for you; tweak the combination of dildo and camera angle to get…


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