Why You Should Care if He’s Actually Bi or Gay

“You need to know what he really wants from you” Guys who use cam sites can seem like a bit of a rare bird compared to the cam girls that tend to swarm online live streaming sites. You can wade through miles and miles of cam girls and hardly ever find one guy on cam, so you may be tempted to go for the first guy you see. However, you should try to find a performer that is actually gay or at the very least bisexual – and there are some good reasons why. Sure, you may be desperate to escape the clamfest that most cam sites can turn into, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Here’s why you want to find a cam performer that is actually bisexual or gay: He Will Not Mind That You’re a Guy Obviously if you want to watch a gay cam performer, you don’t want him to freak out because you are also a dude. The entire point is that you want to explore your sexuality or just get a break from all the tits and cooter that tend to overwhelm live streaming sites – and if the performer is uncomfortable with the fact that you are also a guy, then things…

The Best Browser to View Your Gay Cam Sites With

Most of us have grown up having access to the Internet for most of our lives. Even we “older” members of the recent generations got a computer when we were still teens. So we’ve sort of taken advantage of this. We just assume that computers will do our bidding and take us to our favorite gay cam sites. But the truth is that computers can be modified to be even better. If you want to get the best porn experience out of your sites you’re going to have to get the best browser. When Using a Mac “Use any browser that suits your purpose” Mac users tend to be a little snobby about this whole debate since they get Mac everything. In this case they’re really going to be the best off while using Safari. In case you don’t know your roots, Mac users, Safari was pretty much made just for you. There was a little cross over into Windows, but they stopped that really quickly. Safari will work with your Mac to make your videos run the smoothest. Sure, it takes up a lot of power on your computer but overall you’re going to be able to get the best view and most efficient processing. If you’re boycotting Safari…

Questions to Ask Male Cam Models Before You Watch Them Perform

“If you are spending your money on him, you need to ask questions” When it comes to watching live male cam shows, you may want to consider asking a few questions before you even sit down to watch a show. Every user has a right to ask questions about the model they will be watching. If you’re going to spend your money on his show, he needs to be worth it. Try Before You By In many place, and with many things, you get to sample something before you make a purchase. Just because what your purchasing is the opportunity to view a live cam model does not mean that you should sacrifice trying before you buy. Many cam models have profiles that contain a rate, ranking, and comment system to let you know what to expect before you pay to watch them perform. That is great for men who like to be optimistic about their performers. However, there are questions that you can ask a model before you even pay for a show that can help you determine if their show will be something that you are interested in watching. A good cam site will allow you to leave messages for models that go straight to their inbox for…


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The Top Dogs in Gay Cams

#1 Site: CameraBoys
#2 Site: LivePrivates
#3 Site: Sexier
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#5 Site: Webcams


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