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When you're looking for hot gay camming fun, you need look no further - this cam site has you covered. Gorgeous models and great customer support will make your stay a memorable one. is one of those sites that a lot of guys just aren’t going to know about when it comes to gay cams, and that’s a really big shame. This site isn’t all about gay cams; it has straight ones, too.

It’s variety.

Variety is the spice of life, and that means that sticking around on this site is going to end up giving you a whole lot of that in just about every single way imaginable.

Sexier is a ton of fun

The guys on this site are definitely eager for some business, which means that you’re not going to end up dealing with a lot of boring, flaccid cam models online. There’s no laziness here.

This is going to end up boding well for you as a consumer, and you should easily be able to have a good time here, considering how active it is in every way.

It’s just plain fun.

When a site ends up catering to the idea of bringing in new, active performers on a regular basis, that’s going to end up being a treat for you, and for everyone else involved.

Sexier, the awesome cam site

This is a site that is active every single hour on the hour, and that means no matter what kind of hours you work–you’ll be able to have fun with this one.

If you’ve got to set up a cam date, you can do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 in the morning or 5 at night, you’ll still be able to really explore and have a blast on this particular site for sure.

The Number Game

This site ended up bringing us to spend a total of five months on our Sexier rating, and during that time period, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys that we found on the site.

It was awesome.

From those 200 chat messages, we were able to get a grand total of 69 responses, which was really incredible, and definitely a hilarious number to think about.

From those 69 responses, we were really pleased to see that we got a total of 25 total requests to end up in a private chat, which prompted us to dive right in for some fun.

From those 25 requests, a total of 11 of them wanted to party again in a second private chat room, which was something that kept us coming back for more again and again.

It was a total blast.

We only ended up spending a grand total of $630 the entire time that we were on this site, which was a pleasant surprise for us. This site was really worth the cash.

It’s a great time to end up using this site, especially if you’ve never really had a thorough experience with gay cams before. It’s just something that’s new and exciting.

We know that this site can end up upholding those standards in the future, and we’ve definitely got some hot dates that we’re looking forward to having again in the future.

Messages That Got Us Going

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Cameron. I saw that you were really into leather and dressing up in it, and I’d love to be able to see more of that wrapped around you everywhere.

If you’re into that, let me know. I’m really into leather fetishism, and I think that we could totally have a blast together in a private chat in the future. It’ll work out great, I’m sure.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Brian. I saw that you were super into big toys…which is really my fetish, too. I’d love to see you play with some of your bigger toys in a private for me.

With that in mind, can you send some pictures of the biggest toy that you’ve got? I’d love to have a test run and then we can end up hitting each other up in a private chat.”

Some Stand Out Features

With a site like this one, it’s hard not to find a few features that just keep on handing out more and more. That’s why we were so excited to keep sticking around and exploring.

It’s just plain fun.

We didn’t have to end up struggling to find a lot of guys online with this particular site, and that’s all courtesy of the extremely active community that you’ll find here.

They constantly advertise, which means that they’re going to keep on getting new recruits. That fresh blood is what is going to end up powering the site in every single way.

It’s not a struggle, and that’s a relaxing thing. With a site like this one, it’s going to be a treat for you to be able to dig right in with all of the variety as well, which you can’t find every day.

It’s easy.

If you’ve never had any amount of time to explore gay cams before, then you’re going to find this site extremely manageable and extremely easy to navigate in every way.

The customer service here is very strong, too, and if you need any help–even if it’s about any Sexier scams you come across–they’ll be able to have your back in a heartbeat.

This is something that you’re going to be able to count on, and it’s something that you’re going to want even more of. Sites like this just don’t come around every day.

The Solid Price

Spending cash on a cam site is always going to end up making you raise a few eyebrows, but quite frankly, this is a site that’s more affordable than most of them.

Your wallet will love that.

With this site, we found ourselves easily being able to conserve cash and stick to a budget, jut courtesy of the fact that these boys are honestly so quality.

They’re always around to work with you and give you personalized shows, making it pretty easy to start tipping in gusto. Just make sure to watch those habits of yours.

Something that really does appeal is that no matter what time it is, you’re going to actually be able to find someone online. This is a positive that you simply can’t ignore.

It’s easy to save.

With this site, there are a few tips that we can really end up handing out regarding savings, and most of those are going to end up relating to finding regular boys.

If you can find a few cam boys that are actually willing to work with your schedule and let you become a regular, then they’ll be able to give you discounts later on.

Tip well at first, and you’ll build up a good relationship. This will end up saving you a lot of cash in the long run, and you’ll end up with some preferential treatment, too.

A Few Fixes

Not a single cam site out there online is going to end up being perfect, but fortunately,. this is a site that’s coming pretty darn close. You’ve just got to take note of a few things.

It’s a bit laggy.

Any extremely busy cam site is going to end up being laggy, and this one isn’t any different than that. It just is something that you’ll have to be aware of.

This can really end up showing up during peak hours, so make sure that if you’re annoyed by this, you just avoid the site during those particular time stamps.

Even if this does end up happening, it’s just a matter of the cams being a bit slow to load, so you can usually end up sitting through it and not noticing.

It’s a bit slow, too.

The lag is different than the slowness, which you can end up seeing with the layout itself having a bit of issues loading during extremely busy hours. You’ll get used to this, however.

If you complain, you’ll probably end up getting free credits. We’re sure that they’re used to working on this, and that they’re going to be able to have it all fixed for you soon.

With these issues, you’re still not going to end up having any real problems using the site. Just be aware, and it’s not going to end up being a huge problem.

Some Great Links

The sexual response cycle is going to save you some trouble:

Watch out for what can end up turning a guy off on a cam site:

You need a lot of homeopathic health remedies in a life time, and the same can apply to sex:

Why is Definitely a Great Gay Cam Site That Can Absolutely Rock Your World

An excellent cam site for guys that want to have some hot guy on guy action, you’re really going to end up having a blast when it comes to This is a site you can’t miss out on.

Trust us on this.

Having a fun time on a cam site is something that’s really going to end up appealing, and this is a site that’s not going to be any shortage of that as time goes on.

Giving it a try is something that you won’t regret, especially if you want reliable fun in all kinds of forms. There are a ton of gorgeous guys to find on here.

This isn’t the only site, of course–make sure to check out, our number one site, and you’re never going to end up lacking in a lot of enjoyment. They’re both worth it.

20 Responses to “ Review: This is an Awesome Gay Cam Site in Every Way”

  1. Orange Dog

    I can?t get over how good this site is! I?ve been using it for a few weeks now and it doesn?t ?matter what time of night I log in, there?s ALWAYS someone on there waiting to chat with me and it?s always a really hot cam guy who really knows that he?s doing. That?s my favorite part about this site. Everyone on here is hot as hell and I?ve definitely been enjoying myself a lot.

  2. is the best site I?ve ever found to chat! It?s hard to find a good place to chat with guys when you?re a guy yourself. That?s only one part of what makes this site one of the best ones ever! The cam guys are really attractive and they?re willing to do damn near anything you ask them to. It doesn?t matter what your fetish is, you?ll probably find a guy on here doing it.

  3. Gilberto Bell

    I guess I liked this site. Normally with places to chat with any cam performers there are a lot of problems with the sites. They either don?t load right when you want them to or they cost too much or they?re not giving you what you?re paying for, but I didn?t find any of those problems on this site. It isn?t the best one I?ve used but for the price they charge it?s really great.

  4. It?s been too long since I really had any kind of connection with somebody so believe me, I?m ready for it. Even if it is over the internet, it?s better than nothing! I’ve been looking for the site that I can consider the best of the best as a place to chat with cam performers, so I wonder if this one is going to be that for me. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the best!

  5. Cordie Dickson

    You know, a lot of other guys would be ashamed to admit how many of these they?ve used but I?m not ashamed or afraid of admitting that! I?ve used a lot searching for the perfect one to chat with hot cam guys and this is the best one I?ve seen. I?ve never seen hotter guys on any other site and it makes me happy because THAT?S what I came here for. I?m paying for greatness.

  6. Vicious Moon

    Tbh I never expected to like this site as much as I did…I never thought it would be this amazing! I think it?s great how much there is to choose from. You don?t just get the same chats with the same guys over and over, so you never have to worry about getting bored or anything like that. All the guy son here will blow your mind in the best way possible and it?s great.

  7. is one of the greatest sites I?ve ever seen, especially because I?m a guy who likes other guys…normally it can be hard to find a site that caters to that. Originally I didn?t want to use the site but once I did and I realized how easy it was to find hot guys to chat with there was literally no looking back. I love the site too much to stop now. Try it out!

  8. Willis Bryan

    You never know how good these sites are gonna be, and I?ve definitely had some problems with them in the past but this site made me forget that any of them had ever fucked me over. The guys here blew my mind (god, I wish they?d blow something else) because they were just so eager to please me. Nothing seemed fake or over dramatic and it was a really nice break from porn or something.

  9. It?s been so long since I?ve had any sexual encounters that weren?t between me and my right hand, if you know what I mean. I?ve been considering joining one of these sites to see what the performers are like, but I have to know: are there a lot of guys on this site? I?m gay and I?m not looking for any cam girls. All I want is men, will I find a lot on here?

  10. Teresia Eisenman

    No one really asked for my opinion, but I guess if you?re here reading these reviews or whatever then you must kind of care about it. I think this site is really great and I want to talk about how great it is regardless of whether or not anyone is listening. Any guy can find the perfect guy of his dreams to chat with for the night on here, just like I did. Try it!

  11. There?s not much I didn?t like about this site, tbh. Nothing glitches, nothing is sub-par for what you?d expect to get in regards to what you?re paying for. The videos and chat streams load really well and it?s a good thing that they do because trust me, you won?t want to miss a second of the guys performing for you. They?re so hot. Don?t blink, or you might just miss them doing something really great.

  12. This site is really great and the only thing I?m upset about is that I didn?t find the site sooner! I could have joined and signed up and started having fun a lot earlier than I did instead of moping about my lack of a sex life involved with anyone except my hands and some sex toys, you know? The guys on here are so great at making sure you get off, it?s amazing.

  13. Haywood Monahan

    What?s the standard for sites like this? I don?t? have a basis for comparison bc this is the first one I used but I think this one is really good. I?m pretty sure even if I used others I?d still think that, too, so don?t just claim I have no room to talk. I know what I like and when there?s hot guys performing any way I want I know to call it something good.

  14. I?m only looking for men and at first glance, this site name doesn?t look like anything that strictly caters to guys. I?m a little hesitant, because usually if a site isn?t directed straight at guys who want to watch other guys there isn?t a lot of variety if that?s what you?re looking for. Hey, I can?t help it that I like what I like, I?m just trying to get off and have some fun rn!

  15. Kemberly Rader

    I can?t even tell you how many sites like this one I?ve used, but none of them impressed me like this one did. Maybe it?s because on all the other sites that even had guy cams to watch at all, it was always way overshadowed by the women. With this site, there was actually a good selection of guys to chat with too so it was definitely a real treat for me. I?d recommend it!

  16. Rocky Swallow

    Going out to a bar or club every night to try and find a hot guy to bring home for the night, but ever since I found this site and started chatting on it I think I prefer this! There?s absolutely no strings attached and I think that?s what makes it great. The guys don?t have to love you and you don?t have to be nice to them if they sucked. Absolutely No. Strings. Attached.

  17. I?m glad the site I was watching porn on recommended it to me because this is better than porn. You can actually have a connection even if it?s just sexual with the guy you?re chatting with, so that?s what makes it WAY better than cheap manufactured porn, and we all know gay porn can be kind of bad. I’d recommend this site to any guy who I thought needed a little extra fun in his life.

  18. Young Steele

    I wouldn?t call this site perfect but then again, what site like it is? It doesn?t glitch very often and if there?s ever a video stream down or anything they work to get it fixed as soon as possible to their users are actually having fun. The guys are all really nice looking and you can ALWAYS find someone to chat with no matter what time of the day it is. That?s my fav part!

  19. It?s high time I joined one of these sites. A few of my friends kept saying that there are so many hot, fit guys on here ready to perform if you pay for a private chat and let me tell you, nothing sounds better than that. I wonder if I?ll fit in well on this site though since my interests are a little?out there. I wouldn?t want to meet a guy and scare him off.

  20. Deciding to join this site is one of the best things I ever did. My sex life was really stale and nothing was happening so I decided it was definitely time for something. I looked around for good sites to chat with cam performers on and when I found this one it was like all of my prayers had been answered. Talk about a great place to get off with hot as hell cam guys.


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