The Honest Facts About It Sucks and It Should Feel Bad


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Just don't use this site. That's our recommendation. There are much better places to find hot cam shows.

In our opinion, is worthless. This site is weak, empty, and basically a ghost town as far as we can see. What’s the point in even trying to use it?

We hated it.

Wasting our time is really not something that we like to do. Sadly, that’s all this site is going to do, rather than deliver hot muscles or hot twinks. That’s all we got: waste.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

It’s really crappy to use a cam site that’s as bad as this one. It really just puts a damper on your whole day, and for us, it was total of five months that just ruined our nights.

We tried everything in the book to stir up activity, but nothing we did really seemed to work. It was just disappointing, and we really didn’t like dealing with it at all.

It was empty.

A site that’s as empty as this one is honestly shocking. No matter what we did, it just seemed like we couldn’t find any real guys that wanted to perform for us on camera.

We really did look. There aren’t even any girls on here, and that’s usually the main thing that can kill a cam site. It just didn’t have any activity at all on this site during our review.

screen Naked overlay

We were honestly kind of relieved. We thought we had lost our touch, but nope, this site was just dead. Nothing that we did was going to change that, and it was just awful.

The Sad Numbers

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our Naked rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys we found on this site.

It was bad.

From those 200 chat messages, we ended up with a grand total of…nothing. We couldn’t get a single response during our review of this site, which was just shocking.

We also couldn’t get any private chats, obviously, because no one would even talk to us even a little bit. It was really just shocking how dead this site was to the core.

We weren’t surprised, though. This whole site was just dead in the water from the very start, and that made us really happy to be done and over with our review of it.

It was just pathetic.

We still managed to spend a total of $10 on this site, but thankfully, that was it. This whole site was just a study in what not to do when it came to cam sites in general.

It Doesn’t Deliver

Naked scams are all over the site, of course. That’s the only thing that’s on this site anymore, and that means that there’s really no chance that anything is going to change.

It’s dead and gone.

The customer service reps have left, the site admins have left, and then there’s us–sitting along, desperate for some twinks to no avail. This whole site is a study in failure.

We really weren’t disappointed. We mostly were just put out that we ended up spending any amount of time on this horrible site at all, because we have better things to do.

With that being said, we were just glad that it was over when it was over. The whole site just seemed to drag on forever, and our review really started driving us nuts.

Our Final Spending

We’re just honestly glad that we didn’t end up sinking more money into this site. As it was, it was mostly just chump change, and we didn’t feel too bad about tossing that away.

It was annoying.

There was obviously nothing about this site that was ever going to give you any sort of result. No matter what kind of money that we spent, nothing good was going to come of it.

We’re sure of that, and that’s why we just shrugged and gave up. We couldn’t get a single person to talk to us on here, so that’s really saying something about how bad it was.

We were just glad to leave. Nothing we did was going to change anything, so what’s the point of even trying to make it work? It never was going to even come close.

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Use for Your Ventures? How About Please Don’t, It Sucks

We absolutely hated, and that’s why we’re never going to end up coming back. It’s an awful, dead site, and it really should just be shut down and given up on.

It sucks.

Sites like this one really have no purpose. It’s empty and dead, and that means that there’s no point to even beginning to give it a shot. Nothing you do will even work.

This is why you should check out our number one site instead, It really gets the job done, and it’s a blast for everyone that we’ve tried it with.

Give it a shot for sure!

15 Responses to “The Honest Facts About It Sucks and It Should Feel Bad”

  1. I spent a few months on this site a while ago, and I couldn’t get it to work no matter what I did. It was always really glitchy if the feed would actually load, but most of the time the video feed wouldn’t even play at all, or if it did then there just wouldn’t be any audio or anything.

  2. I hate this site with every fiber of my being, oh my god. I would rather die a million horrible deaths than spend another second on this site. I’ll be writing reviews like this everywhere I can just so people will know not to go on this site no matter what because it’s a piece of shit excuse for a site.

  3. Los Tumbler

    I had heard from a lot of people that this was a good site, but I feel like they must have meant another site or something because this really isn’t what I’d call a good site or anything like that. Mostly it was just a huge pain to be on here, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore.

  4. The reviews that I’m finding for this site all seem like they might have been written by the same person, which really makes me nervous. I mean, I don’t want to go on a site that might be a scam because all the reviews telling me to join were just fake, am I right? That would be bad, you know?

  5. Prince Mccune

    The only way I would come back to would be if the site started costing literally nothing for members, because it isn’t worth paying for. It was all fine and dandy when I was doing the free trial, but now I’m a full member and I can’t express to you how much I hate it. This site just blows.

  6. Stoned Hot King

    What did I ever do to deserve to be fucked over by this site so much? I was so good and so careful, but I still ended up being part of a horrible scam in the end. I’m not an idiot, but now I feel like I’m stupid because I fell for this crap in the first place. Good riddance.

  7. Okay, well that was a load of crap. The guys on here won’t do anything for you, so don’t get your hopes up. When I was on here, every time I would ask a guy to cater to a kink of mine, they would shut the camera off on me and I would end up feeling really stupid and be all alone.

  8. Runny Purple Walrus

    The boys on here are kind of bad about kink shaming if you ask me. I’ve never felt so embarrassed for having a fetish in my life, and when I’m on her I feel like I’m being constantly ridiculed for it or something, and it makes me feel like complete and total crap. I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

  9. The last site that I was on really fucked me over when it came time for me to pay my bill, so I’m hoping that this one is better. From what I’m seeing it’s at least a bit of an improvement, so there’s really nowhere to go from here but up. I hope it works out for me, you guys.

  10. Louis Rifler

    I’m sitting here wondering why exactly I decided to waste my time on, because a waste of time was all that it was. I was only on here because I thought I’d be able to have fun and maybe hook up with some of the guys in real life, but these guys are all so ugly that I don’t want to.

  11. Homeless Beta

    What possesses people to not listen to their friends and do things anyway? My best friend was insistend on joining this site and I begged him not to, but he didn’t listen to me. Now he’s in a lot of trouble financially and it’s taking all my effort to not say that I told him so. That would be mean.

  12. Why exactly is this site still online? It’s a piece of shit. It doesn’t DESERVE to have a place online anymore. I feel sorry for everyone who’s on here, and I don’t want anyone else to end up wasting their time on this shit like I did, because it’s all over the place and nobody deserves that, to be honest.

  13. Deserted Warehouse

    I can’t say that I wasn’t warned. My friends told me that I shouldn’t go on this site, but I didn’t listen and now I’m regretting it so much. I haven’t even been able to get off once, and I was promised that this site would have me up and ready again the second I came. I guess they lied to me.

  14. People on the forums that I go on pretty frequently have been talking about this site almost nonstop. I think that’s a good thing, so I’m going to check it out for myself as soon as I get paid. I’m worried that it’s a scam because it’s such a small site, but these are risks that you have to take.

  15. was?uh, pathetic, to say the least. These men don’t know what they’re doing at all, let me tell you. Seriously, they could pay me to be a model on one of the cams and I would do a better job than these boys, and I’m a fifty year old fat guy. I’d be sexier than these boys. That’s bad.


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