Didn’t Flex Hard Enough: Why This Gay Cam Site Dropped the Ball


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It doesn't deliver hardly anything its name promises, that's for sure. We wanted more.

To us, really sounded like it would be a great site for us, but it flopped immediately. The moment that we logged in, we knew we were surrounded by lame cams.

It disappointed.

This was one site that just made us want to jump off of a cliff. The more that we dug into it, the more that we lost faith in humanity and their ability to make a good gay cam site.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

This whole site was just full of fakes…and on top of that, it really wasn’t safe. It set off our virus software the moment that we logged in for the very first time during our review.

This really just made us start grinding our teeth. We were so disappointed, because we really wanted a chance to see some hot bear on twink action, but not here.

It didn’t deliver.

There was absolutely no part of this site that ever even came close to delivering. It just really disappointed us one very single level, and that really upset us during our review.

This whole site just drove us nuts. We can’t imagine what it would be like for someone to login to this site expecting a ton of fun, only to get a lot of fakes and malware.

overlay LiveMuscleShow img

That’s all you can expect from this site, though, and that’s why we were glad to be done when we were. It just doesn’t work, and it never will end up giving us anything.

The Sad Performance of a Site We Can’t Trust

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our LiveMuscleShow rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys on this site.

It didn’t work.

From those 200 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 10 responses overall. This was really awful, and really proved our point about how bad it was.

From those 10 responses, we only ended up with a grand total of absolutely no private shows. That really pissed us off, and we really wanted to leave right about then.

This whole site was a disappointment and a giant bait and switch. On top of this, we had to ward of malware the whole time that we were using it and trying to make it work.

It was awful.

We still managed to waste a total of $35 while using this site, which was way more than it deserved. We didn’t get to see a single live muscle while we were using this site.

This Site Will Rip You Off: Here’s How They Do It

This whole site was a disappointment, and it has everything to do with all of the LiveMuscleShow scams that we ran into. This whole site is full of them–that, and malware.

It’s bad.

Even just wandering around on this site was a nightmare. We really couldn’t get anything done on here except hide our heads and hope that we wouldn’t get scammed.

That’s really not how we want to enjoy cam sites, but that’s ultimately all that we ended up with on this one. It just wasn’t fun at all, and it really didn’t give us what we wanted.

This whole site disappointed, and no matter what we did, it didn’t get better. Apparently, a bunch of scams is all you’re going to get when you use a site like this one.

A Rundown of What We Managed to Spend

Spending money on this site was really not fun. We didn’t get anything for the tips that we threw out, and honestly, we weren’t surprised. That didn’t make it fun, though.

It was really obnoxious.

We really don’t like throwing money away, but that’s honestly all that you can hope for with this site. There’s nothing good about it, and there’s never going to be anything good.

We really feel sorry for any newbies that think that they can actually get something out of this site. It talks a big game, but it definitely isn’t going to deliver at all.

We really weren’t happy about that. This whole site was just one big disappointment after another, and with us, that really just made us want to leave sooner.

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Here’s Why We’d Never Go Back to the This Gay Cam Site Sucks!

We really couldn’t stand It’s not a good site, and it’s just plain never going to give you the results that you’re looking for from a great gay cam site.

You can do better.

We really got sick and tired of dealing with malware and fakes, which is honestly all this site has to offer. That’s why we know for a fact that you can do much, much better.

Instead, you should be checking out our number one site, It really delivers, and it really gives you the fun and excitement that you’re looking for.

Check it out!

15 Responses to “ Didn’t Flex Hard Enough: Why This Gay Cam Site Dropped the Ball”

  1. Needless Rotten Rebel

    Being on this site was pretty fun when it first started, but now I feel like I’ve outgrown it or something because I really don’t enjoy being on here at all. Has it really changed all that much, or am I just being picky? I don’t think it’s a good site at all, though, anymore. It’s like all the others.

  2. Oh good god, where do they even FIND the men that they hire for these sites? I feel like I’m looking into the pits of hell and seeing all the demons in there or something! That’d be the only way I would be able to see such hideous guys, oh my god. I can’t believe people PAY to be on here.

  3. Grotesque Rabbit

    I’m pretty upset that I paid so much money to be on this site and now it’s just all going to shit. The live feeds haven’t worked in about a month, and no matter how much I talk to the help area of the site they can’t do anything to fix it. It’s time to put this site out of its misery.

  4. Is this site really as bad as all the comments on here are making it out to be? I doubt it! I’m going to sign up and prove you all wrong, because I have yet to meet a site like this that doesn’t work for me. I’m a total pro when it comes to these things, I can promise that.

  5. Barrett Kepplinger

    Oh man, if I wanted to watch these kinds of guys be macho assholes, then I would watch Jersey Shore. The guys on are just gross to me, to be honest. That is NOT my kind of guy, and I wish that I had never been on this site in the first place. What the hell is wrong with these guys.

  6. Leopard Solid

    My time on this site has taught me that you should always go for the big sites. They might be more expensive, yes, but they also, you know, actually WORK. I wish I had known about this little trick before I made an ass of myself on here, but I guess I can learn from my mistakes, so thank you.

  7. I’m going to be writing a really negative review for this site on my blog, and I hope everyone is able to see it. I really wanted to bring the gritty underbelly of this site to light so people know what’s going on behind the scenes, because I was on here for a long time and I know how it’s bad.

  8. Crunchy Crisp Honey

    When people told me not to trust this site, I laughed at them. Now I’m paying for it, and I’m sitting here feeling like a total idiot for giving it a chance even though everyone told me that it wasn’t going to work. That’s what you get for being headstrong and not listening to people who are trying to help.

  9. When I first saw this site, I really couldn’t take it seriously. It just doesn’t look good! I’ve heard from a few people that it is, though, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m going to sign up whenever I get paid and then I’ll give it at least a good try. You just never know!

  10. Lyndon Tennant

    Someone needs to fix this site, because right now it’s not even worth visiting. Hell, it looks like you’re going to get a virus just from spending a minute on! I was on here for a little while but I shut the window down after no time at all because I was worried about it just being a fake.

  11. Disappointed Smoke

    In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, this site isn’t legit. Seriously, nothing on here works. If you try and get the videos to load, they conveniently never will. That’s because there aren’t any videos. They just want you to believe that the site is having difficulties so you’ll keep spending all your money on here, you know?

  12. I’m lucky that my time on here was short, because I know a few people who were on here for a year or so that ended up in some serious debt because of mistakes they had made on this site. If you ask me, it needs to be shut down before it can wreak any more havoc on the innocent.

  13. Dirty Baron

    People like me and all the others who have gotten screwed over by this site and others like it don’t deserve what they got. Why couldn’t this go to the horrible people who are using these sites to cheat or something like that? I’m a good guy, I don’t deserve this! I hope others are able to avoid this fate.

  14. I’ve been on sites like this before in the past, but I’ve yet to find any that really, truly impress me. I might just be too picky, but I’d rather be picky and happy than willing to settle for sites that don’t work as well as they should for the money that I pay for them, but that’s just me.

  15. Mose Bridger

    I just want you guys all to know that is a piece of shit site with ugly guys. And forget about kinks! If you’re into anything even slightly out of the norm, they will literally turn off the video feed on you, no matter how much you’ve paid. The whole site is just a trainwreck if you ask me.


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