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It's almost shocking how weak this site is. No matter how deep we dug and when we signed on, we just couldn't find a single good active performer that we enjoyed.

The thing about is that it sounds dumb, and it really is dumb, too. There’s just nothing about this site that’s going to ever come close to hitting the mark. This is our viewpoint at least.

It’s just gross.

During our review of this site, we really found ourselves struggling to even come close to good results. We couldn’t find any active cams at all for the most part, which was sad.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

A cam site should always have a ton of active members, but this one just doesn’t even come close to that. It’s really obnoxious, and it’s really frustrating to newbies.

We’re sure that people tried to start out on this site to no avail. No matter what we did, we just couldn’t get this site to uncover any good, active cams, and that was awful.

It’s frustrating.

If you try to sit on a cam site and have a good time, you expect at least a few results. This site delivered none of them, so it was all just a big waste of time for everyone.

We really found ourselves shocked that a site could be as dead and empty as this one. Seriously, we can’t blame them for wanting to leave, but it was really just bad.

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All in all, this is one site that we can’t ever see recovering from this without a huge makeover. They just don’t know how to attract and keep customers, as far as we can tell.

A Few Bad Numbers

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our HunkyCams rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys on this site.

It wasn’t good.

From those 200 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 6 responses total. This was really bad, and it really drove home how bad the site was.

From those 6 responses, we really couldn’t imagine ever getting any good results. It was really just shocking to see how bad the whole site was considering no privates.

We were really disappointed, but honestly, we saw it coming. This site was dead and empty, and so any hope for a private chat was quickly washed down the drain.

It was pathetic.

We still managed to spend a total of $20 on this site, which was really shocking. We just didn’t want to spend a dime here, considering how empty it was from the very start.

Nothing But Agony

There’s a shocking amount of HunkyCams scams floating around on here, and that’s all because it just doesn’t deliver in any regard. It’s really awful, and it really bugged us.

It’s not safe.

Sometimes, a site is so dead that you can’t even find scammers on it. That’s not the case with this one, and that’s why we were so frustrated by it on every single level.

Trying to use this site is like pulling teeth. It’s really unfortunate to try and log on and find active cams, because that’s just never going to yield any sort of result at all.

All in all, this whole site was like that, and it really just didn’t give us anything close to what we wanted. It’s really sad to imagine someone new trying out this site.

A Bad Bill

There’s no way that we could ever even begin to spend money on this site, and that’s honestly a good thing. We really didn’t want to spend any money on this crappy site.

It doesn’t get better.

We love getting on cam sites and spending a ton of money, but that’s just not something that’s going to happen on this site. The more time we spent here, the worse it got.

We really tried to find guys to spend money on, but that’s apparently just not a thing. It’s really disappointing, and it’s really not going to give you anything for your cash.

We really were just glad to leave. Overall, this site wasn’t worth a dime, and we hope you don’t end up losing any money on this site in the future. It’s really that bad.

Sad, Sad News

A collar can be a lot of kinky fun on cam sites, so read this article for more tips on using it:

Knowing beyond the basics of bondage can really give you a kinky start with most cam sites online:

Hot wax play can be a lot of fun even on cam sites, so make sure you read this article for more information:

Use for Your Gay Cam Site Need? It’s Not Going to Pan Out

Sites like are really never going to hit the mark for us. It’s just not a good site, and it’s never going to be close to a good site. We’re sure of that one.

It’s bad.

This site is nothing but scams and dead cams, which is really not what we’re looking for. We know for a fact that we can do much better, and so we definitely will.

That’s why you should check out our number one site, It’s the best site out there, and that’s why we know for a fact that it can really give you a good time.

Check it out, and you’ll see!

15 Responses to “The Honest Facts About This Site Has No Hunks”

  1. Dreaded Space

    Wow, why do they hire guys for this site who aren’t the least bit hunky? Most of these guys are just gawky like chickens and I can’t stand them! I don’t know why people would pay to go on here and watch all these wimpy guys try to flex and show off for the cameras. It’s just really goddamn awful.

  2. Whoever made this site should go to jail. I know for a fact that they’ve been hiring people for this site who aren’t of legal age at all. Hell, a lot of them aren’t even close! I went on here and felt like I should turn MYSELF into the authorities, that’s how bad it was. I can’t believe they’re getting away with this.

  3. William Corsair Coldbane

    I feel like this site would run a lot better if they had the budget for it, but as it were this site has next to no budget and you can tell. The quality of the boys is really lacking as well, so they should do some more work to make it a site that’s actually worth paying money for.

  4. People have told me to try this site out, but I’m not so sure that I want to. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people getting scammed on these sites that I feel like I would be asking for trouble if I even signed up, so I’m still not sure if I’m going to or not. I don’t know.

  5. You know, I really don’t think is a real site. Normally the homepages of these sites will show off the boys that they have at their disposal, but this one is just a white screen. Why did I decide that going on here was a good idea? I feel like I’m going to regret it after a while, guys.

  6. Sweet Canary

    There’s a difference between minimalism and laziness, and this site is much more of the latter than the former. I don’t think they had a design team at all, and I feel like this site was probably made in the cheapest way possible by using html coding and generic fonts with no pictures. It’s the ugliest site I’ve ever seen.

  7. I’m going to stick to the dating sites, thanks. I think this site was a huge waste of my time, and I had a lot more luck when I was on the other sites. You know, at least the boys acted like they were into me when I was on there. On here they just make me feel like an idiot.

  8. I’d love to tell you guys that this site was surprisingly good and that the boys are friendly, but that’s not true at all. In fact, the boys are rude as hell. They won’t do what you ask at all, though maybe asking the boy I was chatting with to fist himself was outstepping my boundaries just a little bit.

  9. Any input from the actual users on this site would be amazing. I feel like this is a pretty good site, but I don’t know for sure and I’m hesitant to join if I’m just going to end up regretting it. I’ve heard people talk about this site scamming other members, and I want to avoid that if it’s possible.

  10. I’d love to write a review for this site to tell everybody just how bad it is. Maybe I just will! Watch out,! I’m going to be writing about the horrible experience I had on here, and people are going to come after you! Ideally I’d love to get the site shut down, but I don’t know about that.

  11. Chaos Villain

    Does anyone know if the reviews that are written for this site are fake? I really don’t think that there’s any way it would get a good review without paying somebody off to say that it was a good site. I know better than that, and I know that this is not a good site. I want others to know.

  12. Trust me, I won’t rest until this site is shut down. I got scammed out of so much of my money on here that I had to move back into an apartment because I couldn’t afford my house anymore. When I tried to explain this to the site managers, they didn’t give me a discount or even care at all.

  13. Hyena Strong

    There’s a reason why these sites never make it up to the ranks of the popular ones, and that’s because they simply don’t work. I wish they did, but that’s just how it works sometimes. Sometimes all of these small sites don’t have the budget to make them work as well as they should, which is really just very disappointing.

  14. The comments on here make me feel like this might not be the best site for me. I don’t want to deal with any drama or any people who might try and steal money from me. Have people really gotten their personal info leaked, too? That makes me nervous, but I don’t know if it’s true or just a lie.

  15. Wally Hoffhants

    Ah man, I guess I probably should have seen it coming from a mile away, but is a scam. It’s a small site so I just figured it was hard to get it to work, but I ended up losing a lot of money by being on here. I wish I had just gone on a big site instead.


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