The Sad Reality of Why It’s Lame as a Gay Cam Site


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This site put a bad taste in our mouth, and not the taste your thinking of. We wanted hot guys, and didn't find them here.

We had to roll our eyes at from the very start. We just didn’t have a good perspective on it. We really aren’t interested in a site that ‘caters’ to us; we want a site that really gives it its all for us.

This site doesn’t.

The longer that you stick around on this site, the more likely you are going to be offended. They mostly treat gays like they’re a foreign species, and that’s pretty gross.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

On top of this, there aren’t really any active performers on this site. They lie about how many active members that they have, and that makes it a big scam from the very start.

With that in mind, it’s already set up for failure. We were really disappointed by this from the very beginning, and really didn’t want to stick around longer than necessary.

It doesn’t change.

We really tried to give this site a chance, and find something good to say about it. Sadly, that just wasn’t going to happen, because no matter what we did, it just failed.

This is one site that just never really gives a damn about anyone, and that means that it’s not going to care about you, either. The only thing it cares about is your money.

GayFriendly img overlay

That’s why we were glad to be done when we were. It’s just not a good site, and it’s never going to deliver what you want when it comes to great gay cams online. We’re sure of that.

Our Cold Not-So-Hard Data After Five Months

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our GayFriendly rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys we found online.

It didn’t work.

From those 200 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 12 responses overall. This was really disappointing, but it proved our point pretty solidly.

From those 12 responses, we couldn’t even get a single guy to head into a private chat with us. That was one of the most obnoxious things we’ve dealt with online.

All in all, the whole situation was just awful, and it didn’t end up getting any better. We really tried to give this site a chance, but it just didn’t work in any regard.

It was bad.

We still managed to spend a total of $35 on this site, but it definitely wasn’t worth it. This is just one site that never even comes close to what we’re looking for online.

Here’s the Real Reason We Can’t Stand This Site

GayFriendly scams might not be crawling the walls here, but fakes and lies about how many active members there are definitely are. That’s something that we just hated.

It’s annoying.

Trying to wade through a site that just doesn’t have any active guys is bad enough, but a site that lies about it is even more annoying. It really just isn’t good at all.

We never felt really threatened on this site, but we can only imagine how long it’ll take before the real scams start sliding in through the doors and stealing your money.

That’s not appealing, and we were glad to be done with this site when we were. There’s just nothing good about it, and it’s never going to deliver anything that you want.

We Wound Up Spending What?

Admittedly, we didn’t end up spending a fortune on this site. We were relieved about that, at least, but all in all, it was still a waste of money in every single regard.

We weren’t happy about that.

The thing about this site is that no matter how much money you spend, you aren’t going to end up getting any results. That was really disappointing and annoying.

There just aren’t any active cams on here, and if you do find one, he’s not going to do anything for you. He’ll probably just sign right off, and that’s just not good at all.

All in all, this whole site missed the mark. We really wouldn’t want to spend any more money on here in the future, and that’s because it just plain doesn’t work for us.

The Buzz on This Site

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Don’t Bother: The Final Word on as a Gay Cam Site

We really weren’t impressed by at all. It’s not a good site, and it’s never going to give you the kind of results that you’re looking for from a cam site.

We hated it.

This whole site is obnoxious and disrespectful on top of lying about every single little thing. It’s just not appealing at all, and we were glad to be done with it when we were.

That’s why you should check out our number one site instead, It really delivers, and that’s how we know that you’ll be able to have a good time on it.

Check it out for sure.

15 Responses to “The Sad Reality of Why It’s Lame as a Gay Cam Site”

  1. Temporary Dagger

    I wish I had something, ANYTHING nice to say about this site, but it was just awful. I don’t know why I wasted my time on here in the first place, to be completely honest. I was warned that it wasn’t a good site, but I stupidly thought that I could make it work if I tried to hard enough.

  2. God damn, I hate this site so much. Nothing on it works. If you can get the “live feed” to work, then it’s always just pre-recorded porno clips. Nobody will chat with you on here, I’m not even kidding. I spent a whole month on here trying to make it work, and nothing happened. I’m so pissed I can’t think.

  3. Strong Wolverine

    Why do people seem to like this site? I keep seeing all these reviews for it where people are saying that it’s one of the best ones out there right now, but I don’t agree at all. I think it’s a really small and glitchy site that doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. I’m not coming back, thanks.

  4. I’ve only been on this site for a day or so, so right now I don’t have much of an opinion at all. I just figured that I should probably make a post like this so I can compare it to my opinion of the site further down the road. It’s always interesting to do that, I think, so yeah.

  5. Duncan Stroble

    I feel like most of the guys on are way too old for me. Seriously, they all look middle aged! What’s up with that? I don’t go on here to see some old guys playing with themselves. That’s just offensive, if you ask me. I don’t want to be on here anymore. I’d like to go on another site.

  6. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    Being on this site has made me totally miserable, so thanks a lot for that, guys. I’m glad I wasn’t already depressed, because this site could have literally done me in. I can’t believe how rude everyone on here has been to me, a paying customer. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s just so rude, good god.

  7. I’m going to see to it that this site gets shut down. I’m not kidding! I had such a bad time on here that I want to make sure nobody every has to go through what I did. The people who run this site deserve to be sent to jail for scamming so many innocent people out of their money.

  8. Strong Eternal Jupiter

    I felt like this was going to be a bad site when I first signed up, so I don’t know why I ever let it go further than the free trial. I’m just miserable now that I’m on here, and I spend every day wishing that I hadn’t ever heard of this site because then I wouldn’t be trapped here.

  9. Have people gotten this site to work for them? I’ve heard rumors that most of the videos won’t load, and I want to know if that’s true. Sometimes people say things to make good sites look bad because they have it out for sites like this, so I want some personal accounts so I can see if I like it.

  10. Rodger Mcdonald

    Is there any legitimate reason as to why I should still be on this site? I really didn’t think so. I won’t be back to anytime soon, and frankly I’m pretty pissed off that I was ever on here in the first place, and I want to speak to whoever is in charge of running this site right now.

  11. Rockhard Agent

    Is it possible to shut down a site from the inside out? I’m trying to convince people not to go on here, and if they have memberships to quit as soon as possible. I figure that if I can get all the members to go away then they won’t be able to afford to stay online. That would be great.

  12. Nobody give this site your money! The people who run this site are notorious crooks and they make a ton of fake sites in an attempt to get people to join and spend their money! I promise that if you go on here you will not come out of it happy. I sure as hell wasn’t happy when I was on here.

  13. Navy Stony Leopard

    Okay, that’s it. I’m done with these kinds of sites. I’m tired of getting screwed out of my hard-earned money and wasting all my time on things that don’t work. Being on here makes me wish that I didn’t even like watching cam boys, but I can’t help it. It’s getting to be an addiction, and it’s really no good.

  14. I might end up joining this site when I get paid. I try to join a new one of these every few months so I can get a fresh look at what’s online right now, and I have yet to be disappointed. I need to do some more research first, but right now this site is next on my list.

  15. Sung Langston

    If you go on, make sure you use protection. Not condoms, antivirus protection. This site gave me a ton of viruses when I was on here, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did. I ended up having to replace my entire laptop! I wish I was kidding, but it’s sadly completely true.


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