The Disappointing Truth About Why It’s an Awful Gay Cam Site


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The layout is cluttered, unusable, and absolutely lousy with ads. That clutter brings the whole site's performance down, and makes using cams impossibleÉif you can find any. seems like a great concept, but in reality, this site was designed by a five year old that doesn’t know the difference between twinks and bears. Our opinion of it is bad.

It’s that bad.

The whole time that we were on this site, we really struggled to find any active performers. It was almost impossible, and that’s not because we weren’t looking at all.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

The thing is, no one wants to use this site. It’s also full of ads, which really bogs it down and makes it almost impossible to use. It’s really obnoxious and that’s why no one’s on it.

It only took us a few minutes to really dig into this site and figure all of this out. It just wasn’t a good situation for anyone, and it really isn’t something that we want to come back to.

It’s just awful.

The whole thing about this site is that it’s just really hard to use. No one wants to stick around and use a site that you can’t even find your way around on, and that’s a fact.

image overlay for GayCamNetwork

The site itself just was designed very poorly, which makes it break really easily. It’s hard to even find the cams on it, which makes us wonder what the point of it even is.

All in all, we won’t be going back. It’s really disappointing to try and use a site like this one and expect any sort of real result, because trust us, that’s just not going to happen.

The Limp Performance of This Site by Numbers

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our GayCamNetwork rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys on this site.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 200 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 14 responses. This was really not good, and really proved to us how bad this site was.

From those 14 responses, we couldn’t get a single man to actually go into a private chat with us. This was just deplorable, and really drove home how bad it all was.

During our review, we were constantly disappointed, and this just added to it. It’s just not good, and it’s never going to give you what you want in a cam site, we’re sure of that.

It’s that bad.

We still managed to spend a total of $45 while we were using this site, which was just disappointing on a million levels. We didn’t get anything for it, and we hated that.

Why We’ll Be Staying Away

The thing about the GayCamNetwork scams is that they’re just really transparent. We never had to guess that the site was going to scam us, because we just knew it.

It’s unsafe.

So you first have a horrible layout, and then you have a ton of scams. That really doesn’t sound like a gay cam paradise, which is what this site is supposed to be in general.

It just doesn’t work. There’s nothing about this site that’s going to give you what you want, and that’s because it’s just one crappy link after another, leading to nothing.

We were glad to be done with our review at the end of it all, because it just doesn’t deliver on any single level. It’s an awful site, and it really disappointed us overall.

We Didn’t Spend Much–And It Was Too Much

We’re glad that we didn’t end up breaking the bank on this site, but boy, was it annoying to use. The only money that we really blew here was like throwing it away.

We hate that.

We really don’t like wasting money, but that’s honestly all you have to look forward to on this site. It’s just really unfortunate, and it’s not going to help you have fun.

Cam sites are supposed to really give you a good time, but this one just doesn’t even come close to that. Instead, you’ll just find yourself annoyed and disappointed by it.

This whole site is like that. It doesn’t get better, and any money that you spend is going to be a total waste. We’re sure of that without a doubt, and that’s why we hate it.

A Rundown of the Rumors on This Dumb Site

There are a lot of great games you can find for sex online, and this article can really help you out:

It doesn’t matter how old you are–you can still have a ton of fun using the right cam site:

Knowing more about sex toys can give you an incredible boost on cam sites, so make sure you read this article:

Use for Your Gay Cam Site Need? You’d Be Better off Beating it to a Nature Documentary.

Sites like are never going to deliver, and that’s why we hate them. We really couldn’t stand this site, and we won’t be coming back again in the future.

It’s not worth it.

There’s nothing redeemable about this site, and that’s why we aren’t going to be coming back. You should skip this one, and really take your time and spend it somewhere else.

You can do better, and that’s why we think you should check out our number one site, It really delivers, and it gives you everything that you could want.

Check it out for sure.

15 Responses to “The Disappointing Truth About Why It’s an Awful Gay Cam Site”

  1. Springbok Morbid

    You know, I normally don’t care enough to say anything about these sites when I’m done with them, but this one is a special case. I feel like I’m morally obligated to at least warn people on here that this site doesn’t work so that they don’t have to suffer like I did on here. It was a living hell.

  2. Ha, call me when this site’s cam boys actually give a damn about pleasing their customers. I mean, I won’t be back even if they do hire new ones, I’m just disgusted that I ended up paying so much money for a site that clearly doesn’t care one bit about my happiness. I’m going to join another site that works.

  3. Color Silly Ibis

    Why do people keep talking about how good this site is? I haven’t had a very good time on here so far, and I feel like it’s just not a very well put together site. If it actually worked then I would have been able to chat with some of the guys, but right now I haven’t talked to anyone.

  4. Some people have told me that this is one of the worst sites out there, so naturally I have to test it out for myself and see if they’re right. At any rate, if it’s bad then I’m going to have fun laughing at the site, and if it does actually end up working then I’ll be happy that I joined.

  5. Tristan Romanoff

    I really don’t think you can use to date anyone. The whole idea of a chat roulette is to switch things up so you don’t get the same person twice, so how exactly does dating work on here? I don’t think that could work out at all, but thanks for trying. Only not because that was a terrible plan.

  6. Heavy Smuggler

    Oh my god, why are they guys on here so hideous? I’m serious! I went on here and paid my money expecting there to be some boys who are at least slightly attractive, but instead I got this crap. I don’t know where you found these guys, but put them back for the love of god. It’s too much, really.

  7. Wow, those are some nice stock photos you guys have there on your homepage. That must have taken a lot of Google searching to dig those up. Get out of here. You disgust me. Don’t come back until you can make a site that isn’t fake and until you stop trying to screw people over just for being on here.

  8. Rough Rare Reptile

    I fell into a scam when I was on this site, and I wanted to spread the word. Some of the boys will ask you for money and claim that they’ll do additional favors in exchange, but I can promise you that they won’t. All they want is your money and nobody on here will even take care of you.

  9. I’ve been on these kinds of sites before, and most of them don’t work at all. I feel lke this one might actually be different, though, so I’m going to give it a try. If it offers a free membership as a trial period or something, then I am going to be all over that, let me tell you guys.

  10. Terrence Sutorius

    Oh no, I’m not letting other poepe fall for this site. This site is one of the worst ones out there, and everyone needs to know it. Whatever you do, don’t go anywhere near, because I promise that you’ll just end up regretting it in the end if you do sign up. This site is seriously just fucking painful.

  11. Cute Weasel

    Nobody on here is attractive. I’m not just being mean, seriously NOBODY on here is attractive at ALL. I tried and I tried, I spent HOURS trying to find some guys who were even remotely decent looking, and I had to stop because I was getting discouraged. I’m not going to be back on here ever again, thank you very much.

  12. I’m here to warn all of you guys to stay the hell away from this site. It looks like it might be halfway decent while you’re looking at the homepage, but it’s a scam and you guys deserve to know that. If you go on here you’re likely to get your identity stolen and you might end up having to declare bankruptcy.

  13. I’m mostly just sad that so many people go on here because I know now that it’s a scam and I really wanted to help people learn to recognize these kinds of sites so they didn’t make the same mistakes that I did, but now I’m feeling like that might have been in vain. I can’t stop you guys, ugh.

  14. People told me on this one forum that I like going on that this is a really great site, and it’s really discreet on top of that. I think that sounds amazing! I’d love to be a member of a site like this, especially one of the smaller ones that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the big ones.

  15. Maurice King

    I wish I hadn’t joined this site. I did it on a whim and thought that I would end up coming to love how the site worked, but instead it’s just been a huge pain in the ass since I first started attempting to use it. It’s not my Internet connection or my browser, is definitely just total crap.


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