The Honest Facts About Why It Sucks as a Gay Cam Site


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Good luck finding any good cams at all, since the awful layout makes navigation next to impossible. The shows we managed to get were lame, lackluster, and way overpriced.

Sites like are nothing but disappointments. We’ve spent a lot of time doing these opinion reviews, and this is one site that’s just never going to end up hitting the mark for us.

It’s awful.

The worst thing about this site is the layout. No one wants to stick around on a site like this one because the layout is constantly breaking and really ruining the site.

Gay Cam Scam Alert Image

If you can’t get to those hot muscles easily, then what’s the point of using this site? We really can’t imagine sticking around on here and trying to make it work for the most part.

It’s just frustrating on every single level for us. We really found ourselves clawing our way around the site, trying to find any and all cams to no avail. It just doesn’t work.

It’s that bad.

Not being able to find good cams on this site means that business is going to be lacking…and that’s why all the boys have left, too. They know they can’t make any money here.

That’s why we were always bored and annoyed when we were using this site, and we definitely don’t ever want to go back. It’s just obnoxious to imagine using it.

CamToGays overlay image

All in all, we definitely don’t want to come back. This is just a crappy site that isn’t going to give you anywhere close to the level of muscles and glory that you need online.

The Fairly Flaccid Numbers on This Site’s Performance

We ended up spending a total of five months on our CamsToGays rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to guys we found on this site.

It didn’t work.

From those 200 chat messages, we only ended up with a grand total of 44 responses. This really wasn’t that good at all, and we really weren’t happy with these results.

From those 44 responses, we only ended up with a total of 3 private chats total. That just really didn’t give us what we wanted, and honestly, they were pretty boring.

Only 1 guy wanted to go into a repeat private chat with us, and even that was pretty disappointing. We just couldn’t get this site to work for us very well at all, which was no good.

It sucked.

We still managed to spend a whopping $570 on this site. This really wasn’t a good bang for our buck, and we really weren’t impressed with these kinds of results.

Why It’s Not Worth the Headache (or Blue Balls)

There are a lot of issues with this site, and it all starts with that horrible layout. You can’t even call it a CamsToGays scam, because honestly, it’s just that much worse.

It’s obnoxious to use.

We honestly just had a hard time even beginning to use this site. That’s because it’s so poorly designed that you aren’t going to be able to find much of anything on it.

The longer that we stuck around on this site, the more obnoxious it became. We just couldn’t get anything done on here, and that means that it drives off a lot of people.

For the whole time we were here, we mostly just wanted to quit. It doesn’t work, and honestly, it just doesn’t do anything but slowly drive us insane. Yes, it’s that bad.

Our Final Bill

We really ended up spending way more than this site was worth. It just didn’t deliver on any level, and the money that we spent here mostly felt like a big waste.

It wasn’t good.

We really don’t like throwing our money out the window, but that’s honestly all that this site felt like. It just never delivered for us, and that means that we hated it.

We like being able to spend our money on boys that are actually going to deliver and give us what we’re looking for. The guys on this site were lazy and uncooperative.

All in all, this is one site that we really have no desire to go back to because of that. It just doesn’t work, and it just doesn’t give us what we’re looking for in a cam site.

This Lame Site and Today’s News…

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Making sexy resolutions can really help you out, and this article can give you what you want:

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Use for Your Gay Cam Site Need? You’d Be Better off Beating it to a Nature Documentary.

We absolutely couldn’t stand It just doesn’t work, and that’s why we really aren’t going to use it again. There are plenty of other sites out there.

It’s that bad.

Sites like this one aren’t after anything but your cash. They want you to stick around and try to spend a ton of money on their horribly designed site, and that’s it.

With us, however, we know that we can do better. That’s why you should be checking out our number one site, It really works, and our reviews proved it.

Check it out, and you’ll see what we mean!

15 Responses to “The Honest Facts About Why It Sucks as a Gay Cam Site”

  1. Green Smokey Sapphire

    Ugh, I’m not into bears and I feel like that’s all that’s on this site. Sorry, that’s just really not my thing at all. Could you guys maybe get some guys who are more in the twink spectrum of things? I’m getting really sick of seeing all these big, hairy guys. No thank you, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

  2. God damn, I’ve been on a lot of sites like this, but this one is by far the worst one I’ve ever seen in my life. Where do they even GET these guys, seriously?? They’re all hideous and most of them don’t even perform for you. They just kind of jerk themselves off, maybe lazily finger themselves, and that’s it.

  3. Trooper Cute

    You know, I’m really starting to get the vibe that this site isn’t legit. I’ve been on here for about a week now and things haven’t gotten any better. I keep trying to have chats on the cam with the guys, and they video feed literally never works. I’ve tried different browsers, checked my Internet connection…nothing helps it at all.

  4. I need to know right now if this site is worth using. I’ve been on way too many of these kinds of sites that have just turned out to be huge busts and I’m sick of it. I told myself that I wouldn’t be doing that again, so I’m making sure to be really cautious before I choose a site.

  5. Jacques Stiffey

    Well, that was a huge waste of my time. The best thing about was when I got to leave the site. I’m only mad that I stayed on here for as long as I did because every minute that I spent on here was worse than the last, and I couldn’t stand it at all. What a crap heap.

  6. Pluto Duck

    People told me again and again that this site was just hard to use, but that’s not the issue. This site just sucks. It’s unapologetically awful and the boys on here could care less about who you are and where you come from as long as you’re paying them. They don’t even cater to kinks, which is weird because I heard otherwise.

  7. I learned a lesson by being on this pathetic excuse for a site. I don’t know what possessed me to come on here in the first place, but it’s a big regret of mine now. I mean, I didn’t figure it was going to be as terrible as it was, but I don’t know why I’m surprised at all, ugh.

  8. I thought that this site was going to be different from the others, but it was just the same old thing. I don’t know why I bother anymore because I get so sick of dealing with the lies and people trying to trick me out of my money. It’s not fair, I don’t do anything to deserve that at all.

  9. Normally I kind of just jump blindly into these kinds of things, but I’m worried about this site. It looks like it might be a fake, but I don’t want to judge it just based on the homepage. Reviews seem pretty evenly mixed on here, so can someone please tell me if this is the kind of site I should join?

  10. Roderick Prevatt

    There’s a reason why I tell people to avoid sites like I don’t know why these kinds of sites still exist, but these small ones are literally only here to scam you out of your money and make you wish you had never been born, which is exactly how I felt once I signed up for this awful site.

  11. I wish I could say that this site has gotten better over time, but it’s just gotten steadily worse and worse. I don’t know what it is, but the people who run this site clearly don’t care about customer statisfaction at all or else they would do something to fix it instead of just letting it go more and more downhill.

  12. Nobody should go on this site, because it’s a scam. It needs to be shut down, and frankly I’m ashamed of myself for ever thinking that this site was going to be anything but a massive pile of shit. It was worse than I ever imagined and I am not happy at all with how things went down on here.

  13. Eastern Long Tungsten

    The reviews that I found for this site were all saying such good things about it, but I’m afraid I really don’t agree. I wasn’t a fan of this site at all, and the people who are workers on here didn’t do what I wanted no matter how much I begged. Hell, I even offered to pay them more, too.

  14. Okay, I’m getting majorly freaked out because I can’t find a single review for this site. All the ones I have come across read like the really fake reviews that some sites pay people to write, so I want to hear from the actual members what they think of this site. I think it looks pretty good, but who knows.

  15. Benton Jones

    Whatever you do, don’t join I don’t know what’s wrong with this site, but it needs some serious work. It’s the glitchiest site I’ve ever been on in my life, and I go on these kinds of sites all the time. I went on here a few months ago, and let me tell you I really regret it now.


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