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This site is great for any experience level with its easy-to-use layout and great variety. You'll find a little bit (or a lot) of everything here, and will just never be bored. has a little bit of everything. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, because you definitely get a little bit of everything on the gay side of the site as well.

We loved that.

Variety is the spice of life, and this site has a lot of it. That being said, that’s not the only thing that we loved about it, especially when you consider how well designed the site is.

image Cams CTA

Whoever designed this site obviously had some serious plans ahead of them. They really thought it through, and they really thought about how they could please their customers.

That’s definitely something that made us want to stick around. We had a great time browsing the site, and we really never had any issues finding what we wanted on here.

It’s easy.

We really do love it when a site is easy to use. That’s definitely the case here, and that’s ultimately what made it stand out so much to us when we were using it.

image Cams overlay

For the shows you’ve been dying for, this site and its eager gentlemen will deliver. Try out Cams

This also is something that would be great for anyone’s experience level. We are so certain that anyone that wants to have a good time on a gay cam site can do it here.

That’s why we’d love to come back again. This is one of those sites that can work for anyone, and that’s why we really would like to sink our teeth in even further on this site.

Nice Hard Numbers to Prove Our Point

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our Cams rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to men on this particular site.

It really worked.

From those 200 chat messages, we ended up with a grand total of 62 responses total. This was really incredible, and really proved how great this site could be overall.

From those 62 responses, we had a total of 21 men actually show up in a private chat with us. This was really awesome, and it really gave us everything that we wanted.

A total of 9 guys wanted to show up in a second private chat, and we were really thrilled with these results. It just kept getting better and better, and we loved that about the site.

It was very easy.

We only spend a total of $670 on this site, which was a pretty good bang for our buck when one considers how well this whole site worked. It just really gave us what we wanted.

We just really enjoyed being able to get whatever we wanted, when we wanted. This whole site hit the nail on the head for us, and that’s something that we just adored.

We had a great time on here, and we think that anyone could do the same. This whole site just really delivers, and that’s something that we’d come back to again and again.

Little Chat Suggestions: What the Big Boys Like to Hear

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Brian. I saw that you were really into being a submissive, and I think that’s really sexy. You look like the kind of guy that would make a great one.

Are you into wearing collars at all? I’d love to put one on you and watch you obey my every command. I think that would make a really sexy private show, so let me know.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Felix. I saw that you were really into foot fetish, and that’s definitely one of my favorite things, too. If you’re into it, maybe we can give it a shot together.

I love being able to watch guys wear sock or shoes and slowly take them off. I think that’s really hot, and I’d love to watch you rub your feet for me all over private chat!”

Terrific Site Features that Made Our Stay So Much Sexier

There’s a lot to love about this site, which is why we ultimately just kept coming back for more. We really couldn’t get sick of it, especially considering how much fun it is.

It always gives us what we want.

The main thing that we loved about this site is that it always delivers. You aren’t going to see any empty promises here, and that really means a lot to us when we’re using a site.

There are always active cams on here, and that’s something that really stood out to us. We wanted to get a lot for our money on here, and we definitely made that happen.

The whole time that we were here, too, we saw how easy the layout was to navigate. That’s something that really stood out to us, because we love an easy site.

It attracts more people.

When a site is easy to use, people like it more. They stick around more, and that’s definitely the case on this one. You really aren’t going to have to struggle to use it.

This means that we really think that more people will be able to come to this site and actually stick with it. It’s not overly complicated, and it really does get the job done.

That’s ultimately why we really enjoyed this site and wanted to stick around. It just plain works, and that’s something that you can’t say about most cam sites that are out there.

How to Get Hot Features on a Slim Budget

Spending money isn’t difficult on this site, especially when there are so many guys hanging around. That being said, you can really budget if you’re smart about it.

Be a regular.

This is definitely a site where being a regular customer is going to pay off. The more time that you spend going back to the same guys, the more money that you’ll save.

That’s something that we figured out pretty early on, but it’s definitely worth it. It saved our wallet on several occasions, and the bang for the buck is fantastic with that.

You’ll also end up getting more for your money. The guys put in more effort with their regulars, and that’s something that we noticed all the time when using this site.

Avoid peak hours.

We noticed some of our favorite guys actually end up jacking up their prices a little bit during peak hours on this site. That means that you should check this site out on off hours.

By doing that, you can really end up saving a good junk of money. The next time we use this site, we’re going to end up doing that kind of thing the whole time we use it.

Overall, though, this is a great site that’s worth the cash. We really just like seeing the guys on here, and that made it worth its while even if it had cost even more.

Is There Room for Improvement? Perhaps…

There’s always room for improvement on cam sites, and we definitely think this site could use a bit of nitpicking. We always think that, though, so that’s nothing new.

There are some scams.

Cams scams are nothing new. That’s just something that comes with the territory, and that’s why we were ultimately unfazed to see a few idiotic scammers running around.

With that in mind, you still should be careful. We were, and we didn’t end up running into any real trouble on this site. You should just always be vigilant when you’re using it.

That goes for every site, of course. This one is no different, so watch your clicking, your virus software, and your e-mail, and you’re going to be just fine on this site.

Customer service can be slow, though.

While customer service is great once it actually starts talking to you, it might take awhile. Don’t panic if it takes a good day for them to process your request and chat with you.

This is normal for this site, though we hope that they fix that soon. We personally appreciate a much speedier response when it comes to our customer service concerns.

All in all, however, this site really gets the job done and it’s easy to use. That’s something that we’ll always remember and definitely want to come back to in the future.

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Cams.Com Really Works It Hard: This Gay Cam Site Delivered!

We really, really liked This is a fantastic site that really hits the spot, and that’s why it’s our number four site overall. It just plain works, and we loved that.

It’s perfect for newbies.

This site will work with all levels of experience. It’s painless and easy to set up, and that means that you can get cracking with cams sooner rather than later when using it.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to have a great time. We always do when we use it, and that’s why you shouldn’t waste your time on a site that’s not going to deliver.

We’re sure it’ll do the trick, so check it out as well as our number one site,!

20 Responses to “ Review: This Gay Cam Site Will Keep You Going All Night Long”

  1. Streaming Gorilla

    I?m not sure what it is about this site that just makes it so damn good, but there?s definitely SOMETHING. Maybe it?s how hot all the cam boys are, maybe it?s the fact that there?s such a great amount of variety. Hell, I don?t know. All I know is that there?s nowhere I?d rather use to chat with men online than this site and I think every guy who wants to have fun should join.

  2. I?m of the opinion that any man who really wants to get off and truly have fun should be signing up for this site as soon as possible. I couldn?t get over the sheer number of cam guys they had. They?re all hot too. I guarantee any man who goes on here will be able to find someone who?s his exact idea of the perfect guy to watch perform, but that?s just a guess. 😉

  3. Jan Nicholas

    I like this site, the only problem is my boyfriend doesn?t. He has some thing about me watching other guys and I guess it makes him nervous or something stupid like that. I like the site, but I don?t like it enough to upset him even tho some of the men on here are really attractive and they?ll do kinky things I like that my boyfriend won?t?whatever. It?s a good site, but I can?t stay.

  4. How good is this site? I?ve read a few reviews either way, but they weren?t really reviews. One guy said he hated the site and another one said his dick had never been harder than when he chatted with guys on here. Those are two opposite ends of the spectrum and no one really talks about what the site itself is really like, so I need to know before I sink money into a membership.

  5. Alisha Sidower

    I just can?t stop thinking about this site. Well, not really the site…just the hot cam guys on it. You know what I mean, right? I can?t get any of them out of my head. I?ve never chatted with cam guys (back before I realized what I was into I chatted with a few cam girls) until the other night and now I don?t want to do anything else when I get off ever again.

  6. Chicken Lord

    You know, to tell the truth, I was about ready to give up having any fun with my sex life ever again, at least until I found a new boy toy, but then I found this site and all of those thoughts just vanished. Honestly I never imagined I?d have so much fun on this site but all of the cam guys are so hot it?s unreal, so there?s no way you won?t have fun.

  7. I didn?t figure I?d go wrong with, I mean, that name is pretty straightforward, but tbh at first I was a little put off bc the homepage didn?t make it look like ALL that. I took a chance and signed up anyway and within days I had already paid to upgrade to a full one to get the full extent of all the videos. Trust me, the chats are just that good. It?s crazy.

  8. I do think this site has a few issues…it glitches sometimes and every once in a while a chat will come up as an error when you try and load it even tho your computer?s fine but I?d give it a 7/10. The guys are really attractive, maybe even more so than on other sites, but the site isn?t perfect. I?ll still be coming back time and time again to use it though, for sure.

  9. I?ve been considering signing up for a membership on here. Is that how it works? You sign up for a membership and get all of the chats you want, or is it different? Some places you pay for a certain amount of time and that?s all, but I really need to know what this site is like bc I don?t even want to sign up for the free trial without knowing that much at least.

  10. Kimberely Greenawalt

    It?s so hard to find good sites to chat with guys to perform on camera as opposed to just women, but I found it here! A few of my friends recommended this one to me and I?m really glad I took their advice and joined because my life has changed a lot! The guys are hot as hell so I?ve been on here quite a few nights this week chatting with them for hours on end.

  11. Goat Sweety

    How could anyone find anything bad to say about this site? My only complaint is that I can?t invite all these sexy guys back to my place! I wish I could actually touch them instead of just watch them touch themselves on camera but the site is perfect. I can guarantee any guy will find the type of man he thinks is the sexiest on here and enjoy himself just as much as I did.

  12. I think is one of the best sites for chatting online ad I think any guy who isn?t on here is missing out. the guys are so hot and I can guarantee they?re hotter than your boyfriends, if you have them. I don?t know where they?re finding all these handsome men but I wish I could find them in real life. Until I can though, there?s this site! This is a damn good site.

  13. Alan Olphert

    I?d recommend this site to literally anyone who asked. Any guy no matter if he thinks he?ll like this kind of site or not is GOING to like it. The guys are hot as hell and they?re willing to do whatever you ask them to. Any kinks, any fetishes…trust me, they?ll do it, no questions asked. I was shocked at how easy it was to get them to do things, honestly. It was really great.

  14. Although I?ve been using this site for a while, I have nothing really to say about it. It?s not that it isn?t good and it?s definitely not that it?s bad, it?s just that I don?t see the point in writing one of these big long comments or reviews or whatever that chances are, no one?s even going to read. What would be the point of that? I?ll go back to using this site now, bye.

  15. Melania Overholt

    I honestly never expected to like this type of site so much. I had no way of knowing it was going to end up being my favorite place to waste time on the internet. Something about knowing those guys are there for that little bit of time just to please you is really great..maybe it?s the power, maybe it?s the attention…who knows, it?s just really amazing and I?ll be coming back here for a while.

  16. Drill Intense

    NOTHING about this site is less than perfect, trust me. The videos NEVER glitch and they never pixelate or anything like that, which is great because you can see every second of the great show you?re guaranteed to get. Now THESE GUYS really know how to perform . Seriously, don?t even get me started on the guys on here. They?ll blow your mind if you use this site, just like they blew mine. It?s amazing.

  17. is the best!! I was new to the world of these cam sites but the first guy I paid for a private chat with made me feel really great. He was nice and took things slow since I was new to men in general and if you?re in a situation like that I would recommend this site even more. I don?t think I?ve seen guys this hot anywhere else either, so that was great.

  18. Clair Stroble

    The last site to chat with cam performers I used before this one was so crappy. In fact, all of the ones I used in the past were, so this one was a really nice surprise. I?ve got nothing to complain about, really, except for the fact that if I signed on during the day it seemed like there weren?t as many guys to chat with. I guess they?re all night owls or something like that!

  19. I just signed up for this site a few days ago and I?ve paid for a few private chats. It hasn?t been terrible, hasn?t been great?just normal, average chats with men. I guess I don?t have much to say about the site itself, why would I? I?m not here to pay attention to the site I?m logged into, just the men I?m chatting with. I have better things to do than write a review tbh.

  20. The guys on this site are much hotter than most of the guys I?ve seen on other chat sites. Other sites have these guys that are just gross but every guy I saw on this site was really someone I?d enjoy taking home to hook up with even irl too, not just online. Needless to say I had a lot of fun on here. Of course I?d recommend this site, that?s an easy answer tbh!


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