Review: This Gay Cam Site Knows What’s Up (and How to Keep It Up)


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Everything here is designed with the customer in mind. The layout is smooth and easy to navigate, and the boys are always fresh, friendly, and ready to go.

It’s honestly a rare day that we find a site like This is a fantastic site, and it honestly hits the nail on the head every single time that we’re here.

It just works.

First and foremost, this site has an awesome layout. We love seeing lots of muscled guys in plain view, and this site delivers every single time that we show up.

CameraBoys CTA image

That’s the kind of thing that immediately draws customers in, and we do love that. We also really love just being able to have easy access to cams right off the bat, because it’s convenient.

This whole site is designed with the customer in mind. They want you to stick around and spend money, and trust us, we wanted to do that while using this site, too.

It gets better.

The longer that we stayed on this site, the more fun we ended up having. This is because it’s very easy to become a regular customer here, and to really get what you want.

CameraBoys overlay image

Our gold medalist simply takes it away in numbers and service. You’ll definitely get the shows you want on CameraBoys

The guys on here are definitely trained in all aspects of the site, and they do know what they’re doing. This means that you’re going to get more for your money here.

All in all, we had a great time using this site. It’s easy to use, and it’s really easy to get around on. This means that we’d be that much more willing to come back every time.

The Numbers for Our Stay Here

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our CameraBoys rating, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to men on this site.

It was fantastic.

From those 200 chat messages, we ended up with a grand total of 81 responses. We were thrilled, and more than happy to dive straight in and have more fun on this site.

From those 81 responses, we had a total of 34 private chats set up, and it just kept getting better. This whole site was just a gold mine when it came to activity and fun.

We had a total of 16 guys want to meet up again, which was fantastic. We were really happy to see these numbers, and to be able to have such a good time on this site.

It really worked.

We actually only ended up spending a grand total of $575 on this site, which was fantastic. We really expected to spend a lot more for the quality that we received on here.

All in all, this was one site that just hit the mark in every single way. It was a fantastic site, and one that really just made us feel like we were hitting every single spot.

We’d come back in a heartbeat to this site. It just plain works, and we really did love that about it. It’s just a site that made us feel like we were right at home in our element.

Little Chat Suggestions that Got Us Big, Big Results

Chat Message 1: “Hi, Tim. I couldn’t help but be drawn into your profile courtesy of that gorgeous ass of yours. You really know how to pose and make it look fantastic.

I was wondering if you were into shibari at all. I’ve got some ideas that I think you could pull off even by yourself, so let me know if you’d like to take it to private sometime.”

Chat Message 2: “Hi, Cameron. I saw that you were really into costume play, and I can think of a few outfits that you’d look amazing in, especially with those broad shoulders.

Are you into role play, too? I’ve got some fantasies that would really make it worth your while to go into private with, so let me know if you’d like to hear all about them.”

Awesome Site Features that Made Our Stay 10x Easier

There’s a lot about this site to love, and there’s even more when you realize how good it really is. This is just an incredible site through and through, and we’d come back any time.

It just works.

We honestly just love a site that delivers. This one does in spades, and we really can’t get enough of that. So many sites make false claims when this one just honestly doesn’t.

We really felt safe while we were using this site, too. You aren’t going to find any CameraBoys scams as far as we can tell, and that really stands out to us on a cam site.

We also just think it’s well designed. A site that can keep our interest for so long is really worth it, and this one just seems to really make us stick around for longer and longer.

We loved it.

What makes this site so very strong is the fact that it’s incredibly active. You’re just never going to be bored on here, and that’s something that we really did love.

All in all, we think that you’re getting a lot out of this site for very little effort. That stands out to us quite a bit, and it’s definitely something that makes it worth your while.

We’ll be coming back to this one time and time again in the future. It works, and there’s not much we can complain about a site that really does deliver on the mark every time.

A Real Gentleman’s Club: How We Made It Work With Our Bank Account

We honestly don’t feel like we spent all that much money here, especially for the quality of the shows that we received. This site has an incredible bang for the buck.

It was awesome.

The guys on this site are fun, exciting, and really ready to please. We didn’t have any trouble at all getting them into a private chat with some of our wildest fantasies in hand.

This means that there’s also something for everyone. We really were able to nitpick when it came to the boys that we were looking for, so that’s a big plus in general.

If you’ve got something really specific in mind, we’re pretty sure this site can hit the nail on the head. It did for every time, and we didn’t even spend any extra on it.

Being a regular helps.

It’s actually pretty easy to become a regular on this site. We stuck around for awhile, and really had an easy time of it once we started talking to a few different guys.

We just think that it’s worth it because of the perks and money savings…and that’s even on top of how cheap we honestly felt this site was in the first place. It was fantastic.

Give it a shot, and we’re sure that you’ll really be able to get the same amount out of it. It’s one site that we’d definitely spend that money on again, though, without a doubt.

Room for Improvement? Well, Maybe a Little…

Not every site can be created equally, but honestly, this site is fantastic. It’s pretty hard to nitpick, but we make it our job to find something wrong, and we always manage to.

It can be a bit slow.

Like all sites that have a lot of activity going on, you might find that it’s kind of slow. That’s unfortunate, but it’s honestly not the end of the world on a cam site like this.

The more time that you spend on this site, the more you’ll be able to figure out what hours really do work, and which ones are going to be a bit laggy. That helps a lot.

We do hope that they end up giving this sort of thing a serious improvement, however, because it can cut into a lot of your video time. It just gets to be annoying after awhile.

Finally, it could use some upgrades.

The video player on this site does tend to lag out, which is annoying. With that in mind, we think if they just upgrade a few aspects of their site, it’ll take care of that issue.

We honestly didn’t have much else to complain about with this site…thank god! We really love being able to find a site that just plain works, and we think this one does.

It’s a great site, and you’re going to end up having a lot of fun. We’re sure of that, and that’s why it’s just one site that you definitely need to check out, no matter what.

The Hot News Out There on This Site

There’s a lot to love about cam sites, and tantric sex is something that can happen even on cam sites:

There are a lot of positions to hit that amazing g-spot orgasm, and this article can help you even on cam sites:

Even if you’re smaller than usual, this article can help you out with online cam sites:

Why Works It Hard and Well for Your Gay Cam Site Needs

We absolutely loved It’s our number one site because of that, and that means that you really can’t afford to skip this one and leave it in the dust in the future.

It’s amazing.

This is one site that just seems to deliver on every single level. The longer you try it out, the more you’re going to realize that it really does work, and that it’s really amazing.

Check it out, and you’ll be able to see the same results that we did. We know that it works, and we know that we managed to meet some gorgeous, exciting guys on here.

Give it a shot, and have some fun. We know for a fact that our numbers don’t lie, so there shouldn’t be anything holding you back. This is just one hell of an amazing site.

Good luck!

20 Responses to “ Review: This Gay Cam Site Knows What’s Up (and How to Keep It Up)”

  1. Stormy Rebel Breeze

    This site is amazing. I knew there were a lot of sites to chat with women but I didn?t know it would be so easy to find one that?s actually good for men to talk to other men! Honestly finding this site was like a godsend…exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I don?t feel so alone anymore and my sex life has definitely improved since I signed up for a membership here.

  2. Deciding to join is one of the best decisions I ever made. It?s so hard to find guys to chat with online that aren?t from one of those seedy sites that you should be avoiding at all costs, so finding this one was the best thing that could have happened when it did. I?d recommend this site to any guy who wants sexy cam boys performing just for him. It?s just plain amazing imo.

  3. Reyes Nash

    I used this site for a while and I feel like I should at least say SOME nice things about it. It wasn?t perfect by any stretch of the word but none of these chat sites are! This one was good compared to other ones. Lots of really nice cam guys that were willing to do, uh…damn near anything. I saw some of the cam guys doing some really kinky stuff that I hadn?t expected.

  4. I haven?t used this particular site yet, but I think I?m going to. It?s hard finding a place to chat when you?re into guys but I?ve recently stumbled upon a few. Even just at first glance this one looks like it might be the one I like the most out of the ones I?m looking at so I hope that appearances aren?t deceiving in this case like they are all the time with other things.

  5. Bernardina Rahl

    There are guys online at all hours of the night on here! Honestly, it?s great enough that I found a site with men instead of women but to also have a site that lets me have fun even despite the weird hours I work at my job is even more than I could have asked for. I think the flexibility and fun of this site are the best parts I?ve seen of it so far.

  6. Plusstrong

    I want to go out on the town and pick up all these guys but it?s so hard to tell sometimes when a guy?s actually looking for someone to take home and I don?t want to ruffle any feathers, so I?ve been sticking to sites like this to just chat with all the guys. This is one of the greatest sites if that?s what you?re looking for, take my word on that much at least!

  7. wasn?t a site I went looking for. In fact, I was just on a blog reading about some good dating or hookup sites for men looking for men and they recommended this if you?re looking for a little no strings attached fun. The guys on here are hot as hell. I haven?t seen one guy I wouldn?t bang yet so needless to say I?ve been having a lot of fun with it for sure.

  8. I?m sorry but I don?t have much to say about this site. Don?t? get me wrong, that doesn?t mean I don?t like it. Just means I?m terrible at writing up my opinions and I just don?t have much to say about it. It?s a good site and I don?t have any advice for improvement and that?s all I really know to say. Sorry to anyone looking for an actual account of what the site?s like…

  9. It?s been a long time since I?ve been on any sort of site to chat with anyone, especially for any sort of sex chats tbh. I?m not even sure I?m well versed enough in slang and stuff to ask the guys on here to do the things I want to see. Kinks and fetishes last forever but sometimes they?re called different things, you know? It has me a little nervous but I?m excited to join.

  10. Kelly Baldwin

    This was the first site of its kind that I used and I really liked what I found. I would say I?ll keep using all the sites like this but I doubt I will, not when this one is so damn good! I?ll keep coming back here time and time again, I?m pretty sure, just to see if they have any hot new cam guys. There are the most men I?ve ever seen on here.

  11. Mysterious Mandrill

    I knew this site was going to be good when I first saw the homepage, honestly. There are different filters for the types of things you want to see the guys doing and it was really easy to find someone into the same things as you so there weren?t any awkward moments if you weren?t into the same fetish. It was so easy and these guys really do know what they?re doing all the time.

  12. Every minute I paid for and spent on was a minute well spent! I feel like I got a lot for what I paid and on top of feeling like I chose the best site for this sort of thing I had all the cam guys I talked to constantly willing to do damn near anything I asked. Any fetishes I wanted, it?s like I never even had to think twice or even ask!

  13. Quinn Quirin

    Normally on these sites the men you see on the homepage aren?t men you can actually chat with on the site but this one was different! One of the guys on the homepage I actually found on the site and we fooled around on cam for the rest of the night. It was really great and I?m glad I found this site because let me tell you, I really needed it. Definitely recommending this site.

  14. Lots of things could be wrong with this site but then again, they could just be things that I?ve seen on other sites that are making me paranoid about this one. I?ve just used a few sites before that weren?t up to snuff but I doubt any of that will be a problem on this one. At least I hope they won?t be…I need a place to chat with really cute cam guys really soon.

  15. Eliza Cable

    Honestly I never thought I?d be into these types of sites but it seems like I can?t stay off of them! I thought they were just glorified amateur porn sites at first but that description isn?t fair…they?re more than that. With some of these cam guys you actually have a connection and you get to have fun and both show off or you can just sit back and let the cam guys do the work.

  16. Moose Rainbow

    If you ask me, sites like this are even better than irl hookups. I mean sure, it?s not the same thing as bringing some hot guy home and getting it on in every room of your place, but it?s really nice. You get to see him but there?s no commitment at all…if he does something you don?t like or anything, just close the window! Absolutely no strings attached, so I have to say I like that.

  17. Is there such a thing as getting addicted to one of these sites? I think I might have a problem with, haha! How am I supposed to ignore all of the hot guys who are willing to do damn near any kinky thing you might be able to imagine? There?s nothing I?d rather do on my time off from work than talk to the guys on here so that?s what I?ll do every night.

  18. Shad Gearhart

    I tried to stay away from sites like this for a while but I?ve been roped in. One of my friends recommended I try a site like this when I was complaining about how I feel like I never have any fun and that?s how I found this site. I don?t know how high I?d rate it but it would probably be pretty high. It?s not perfect but it?s easily one of the only things keeping me sane right now.

  19. I?ve used this site for a while but I don?t really have too much of an opinion on it yet tbh! I can?t really say much about it because at this point I can?t even decide if I want to keep using it. It?s not that I don?t like it, it?s just that I?m not certain yet what kind of site it?s really like. I don?t know, I just can?t get a read on it.

  20. Melissa Butt

    I only have nice things to say about this site. The guys are all really hot and the other reviewers aren?t lying when they say that they?ll do damn near anything. I know there are some cam performers who aren?t good with fetishes but it didn?t seem like any of the guys on here were shy at all and damn, that was nice to see. I can always appreciate an uninhibited fun guy to get off with.


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