Predicting How He’ll Perform from Watching His Public Chats

Watching how a guy performs in public chat is a great indicator about what you’re going to get in private chat. That’s why we always highly recommend jumping into public first.

It’s worth it.

We know that a lot of guys out there just want to take the first hot man they see and drag him into private chat. We can’t blame them; there are a lot of gorgeous dudes on these sites.

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That being said, you really do need to take the time to ‘interview’ the boys that you’re chasing after. This should be something that you do even on great gay cam sites.

It’s going to make your experience that much more worthwhile to find a boy that really hits the spot. We’re sure of that, and we’ve done it many times before ourselves.

Just because he’s hot…

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…doesn’t mean that he’s good at his job. Remember, you’re searching for a professional, and if you can’t find that, then you’re not going to end up having as good of a time.

That’s something that you’re going to need to figure out sooner rather than later when you’re using these sites. If you can really see what he’s up to in public chat, that’ll be a good indicator.

If you start by asking him to do things in public chat, you’ll be able to see his skillset, as well as how into his job that he is. That’s something that’s going to make a difference.

We’re sure of that.

We like to give them a test of requests in public chat. We always like to ask for popular things, of course, but the more requests we make, the better idea we have.

If he’s sitting around and pouting at the camera rather than listening to what everyone in the chat room wants, he’s probably not worth taking to private. We’re sure of that.

That’s why you need to make requests, and of course, tip if he complies. This is a great way to really see him in action, and see what you’re going to be investing in later on.

You can talk about kinks.

Public chat is another great way to ask about kinks that you have. This is an important cam chat tip that a lot of other guys end up forgetting, but it can save you a lot of effort and time.

If you talk to these guys and see that they’re interested in your kinks now, you’re going to be saving a lot of time and money in private chats later. That’s something that’s a constant.

You’ll really be able to narrow down the guys that you’re interested in this way, and you’ll definitely be able to get more for your money this way. This is something we’ve proved time and time again.

Don’t be shy.

Just because it’s public chat doesn’t mean there’s any reason to be shy about it. Talk to him, see what he’s into, and see if he’s the right guy for you. You’ll know if he isn’t.


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