You’ve Been Caught, Now What: Believable Excuses that Work

“You better come up with some excuse in this situation”

Getting caught watching a live cam site is never fun. Save yourself a lot of time and embarrassment by having lies in place that you know will work.

You’re Getting Paid to Review Them

When you have gotten caught watching a live male cam show, it can be awkward, stressful, and even a bit scary (especially if people aren’t aware that you enjoy watching men perform). Usually, you are so worried about convincing the person who caught you that it was a pop up, or something similar, that it just makes you dig yourself even deeper into a hole. Instead of trying to rack your brain to come up with a lie that you hope someone else will believe; you should have a believable lie already in place.

When you tell someone that you are getting paid to review a live cam show, you are going to have to make sure that you sound completely serious. You are also going to have to make sure you have a way to back up this lie. Do some research and find a legit company that deals with adult material. Get as much information as you can about the company, so that when you try to prove your case, you have all the details. When the person that caught you asks you how much you are getting paid (because they will), tell them it is your first time reviewing. They may laugh and tell you that you’re getting tricked. About a week later, tell them they were right and that you got tricked. It’s better for them to think you were tricked into watching the show than you deciding to watch it on your own.

You’re Going to Use It to Blackmail Someone

“Tell her, it is all business and not pleasure”

When you don’t think someone will believe that you are getting paid to review a live cam site, you can also go the blackmail route. You will have to put some thought into this lie. Make up a person that you are blackmailing, and make up a reason that you are blackmailing them. If you’re in college, you can say it’s another student. If you work at a big enough company, you can say it’s to get back at someone at work.

Tell the person that caught you that your overheard the person you’re fake blackmailing telling someone else about them, or someone close to them (like a son, for example) being a live cam model. Tell the person that caught you that you overheard the man you’re blackmailing say his online handle for the shows. Tell them that you’ve been searching Google for the handle and you just found it. Make sure you sound serious and excited about it. It will give the illusion that you really want to blackmail this person. If you make your reason for blackmail believable enough, they may even try to help you.

Always make sure you take some time to get your lies together before you start using them. Try to think about questions someone would ask you, so that you have an answer in advance.


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