Will He Actually Deliver a Quality Show?

“You can never predict these things, but look for some signs”

Going onto a cam site is a gamble. There are so many performers that just join because they think that they’ll take their clothes off and make money. Unfortunately, they’re right. At first you might be totally fine with the fact that they’re mediocre, but eventually you get over the fact that you’re horny and start demanding some quality. The issue becomes how to tell if this next guy will actually deliver a quality show. You are going to have to take a few minutes to watch him, but it’s going to be well worth it in the end.

He Has an Active Thumbnail

We’re not talking the one o his hand here. The thumbnails that show what’s going on in the video if you enter that chat room can really say a lot about the guy. Many of them will just be pictures of dicks. Don’t get us wrong, dicks are cool, but you’ve seen those. This is the time you really want something different to get you off. Keep an eye out for thumbnails that are slightly blurry because that means that there’s movement going on in the video. If you find one that has the guy doing something outrageous like filming a shower scene or fingering himself then you know that he’s down to do more than sit there and look pretty.

He Hosts Contests

“If he hosts contests, he is a pro”

In the world of great gay cam models contests are where it’s at. This gets the guy more tips and also gives you a better show. The key is to notice what kind of show he’s putting on and for what. If he’s got a counter going with an end goal then it’s not going to be that great, actually. He might say he’s going to get naked at 200 tips, but he can’t give away too much before then to get tips because the users won’t be motivated. Now you’ve got to find a guy who does the countdown. It works on the premise that you keep the tips coming and, as long as his tip jar doesn’t count down to zero, he’ll keep going. So even if you keep 20 tokens in there at all times he’ll keep jerking off, fingering himself, screwing the other dude in the room, etc. It requires more work on his part, but you get an excellent, dirt-cheap show and he gets a ton of tips this way. It just depends on what amount of work that they’re willing to put in.

He Has a Full Chat Room

Chat rooms show when users enter and exit it, so you know that he’s got it going on if he’s got a full chat room. With the freedom to pick anyone online to watch the other users aren’t going to hang around unless he can get their attention. You’ll be able to get with the program really quickly if the cam model is doing their job. If you don’t notice something happening within three minutes then you should probably move on.


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