Why You Should Care if He’s Actually Bi or Gay

“You need to know what he really wants from you”

Guys who use cam sites can seem like a bit of a rare bird compared to the cam girls that tend to swarm online live streaming sites. You can wade through miles and miles of cam girls and hardly ever find one guy on cam, so you may be tempted to go for the first guy you see. However, you should try to find a performer that is actually gay or at the very least bisexual – and there are some good reasons why. Sure, you may be desperate to escape the clamfest that most cam sites can turn into, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. Here’s why you want to find a cam performer that is actually bisexual or gay:

He Will Not Mind That You’re a Guy

Obviously if you want to watch a gay cam performer, you don’t want him to freak out because you are also a dude. The entire point is that you want to explore your sexuality or just get a break from all the tits and cooter that tend to overwhelm live streaming sites – and if the performer is uncomfortable with the fact that you are also a guy, then things aren’t going to go very well. You want a performer that is totally comfortable with performing for other guys, and let’s face it – straight guys don’t make the cut here. You want a guy who is bisexual at the least, and ideally, gay. They are going to be infinitely more comfortable with your presence in the chat room than any straight guy, so you want to make sure that he’s at least bi before you spend a single dollar on him.

He’s Far More Likely to Stick Things up His Butt

“He is not scared of it, he enjoys it”

Let’s face it. Most straight guys are too scared to even attempt considering doing anything anal in the chance that it will somehow magically turn them gay with no hope of turning back. It follows that if you’re interested in seeing a male performer perform certain sexual acts, you’ll have more luck with a guy that’s already bi or gay. Straight guys are probably not going to be willing to use most types of toys, which can really make for a boring show. Stick with bi or gay performers because they will be far more likely to use toys on themselves.

He Knows What You Want

A bisexual or gay performer is going to be far more in touch with what you want to see. Meanwhile, a straight performer is probably just going to jerk off on cam, which is great sometimes but it certainly gets boring quickly. With a bi or gay performer you will not have to worry about him struggling to give you a performance that you are interested in watching. A straight performer will not really know how to make it good for you, but with a bi or gay performer you can know for sure that he knows how to put on a performance. You can ask him to do anything you want without having to worry about him having a straight-guy freak-out, too.


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