Why Befriending Other Men in the Chat Can Help Save You Money

“Be friends with other men on the chat”

When it comes to watching live cam shows, befriending the other men in the chat room may seem strange, but it usually has a lot of advantages. If you know what type of men to look for, you can easily save yourself money. In fact, if you play your cards right, you may end up being the person that these men spend their money on.

Make Sure They Don’t Figure Out Your Motive

While it may seem odd to even think about befriending another man while you’re watching men perform in live cam shows, becoming friends with these men can definitely help keep some money in your pocket. But before you start trying to become friends with every man in the chat, take a moment to pay attention to the ones that you should actually become friends with.

When you start trying to figure out which men you should befriend, you should always pay close attention to the men who are spending the most money. While there may be men leaving a few tips here and there, you want to focus on the ones who seem to not have a problem paying full price for what they want. These men don’t bother with haggling for two reasons: they’re foolish, or they’re loaded. Either way, both of these will work to your advantage. When you become friends with them, you can convince them to pay to watch the things that you want to see. It’s important to be careful when you’re using these men. Sometimes they are not as dumb as you think and they will catch on to what you are up to. Every now and then, pay for something that they want to see the model do, or purchase them a gift. Let them think that your friendship is a two way street. This will ensure that they don’t think that you are only out to use them for their money.

They’re Full of Resources

“They might be highly resourceful and can help you”

The only thing better than befriending men in the chat for their money, is the fact that most of them are pretty resourceful. If you happen to befriend a man who is a veteran to watching live cam shows, he can direct you as to what sites to use and what to stay away from. He will most likely also have a list of male cam models that you might like to see. This can make the hunt for searching for live cam models to watch become much easier for you.

Another plus about these men is that many times, you might discover that you have a lot in common with them. If they have a lot of money (which they usually do), they may even offer to meet you. Some men have gotten things such as plane tickets to visit men from chats and have even been taken on expensive vacations.

Keep in mind that some of these men may not be as great as they seem. Lots of time, you might have to deal with unattractive men who are used to having everything their own way. Make sure you learn as much as you can about your new ‘friend’.


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