What to Do When There’s a Woman in the Chat

A woman watching a live male cam show is not as unheard of as you may think. While it may be surprising to discover that a woman is in the chat, as long as you don’t put too much of your focus onto her, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the show.

Treat Her Like One of the Guys

“She is here to watch guys as well – let her enjoy”

If you think that women do not watch live cam shows, you better think again. Hundreds of women watch live cam shows, and many of them sign up to watch gay men because they feel that gay men give the best shows. Obviously, you may not notice right away when there is a woman in the chat, but if you realize that one is, you should not let it turn you off. Remember, you are there to watch the male cam model, not to hate on the woman. In fact, you should simply treat her like one of the guys.

If she says something about the model that you agree with, let her know. Get her talking. Find out what her kinks are and what she would like to see the model do. If the chat is quiet or slow, ask her if she has seen other shows before and what she likes about them. Ask about her recommendations and about her kinks. Women can be extremely creative and informational when it comes to gay men. Getting her to reveal her kinks and fantasies can sometimes help you develop and realize a few more of your own.

Convince Her to Spend Her Money

“Don’t push her too much”

When you find out that there is a woman is in the chat, you should also convince her to spend her money on the model. Because the chat will more than likely contain mostly men, she may feel slightly intimidated. You can use that to your advantage but putting slight pressure on her to get her to show that she can be just like any of the men. If you push hard enough, she may even try to show off by paying the model and directing him to do things that you wanted to see, but didn’t want to pay for. Let her think that she’s running the show. If the model is any good, he won’t complain because he is getting money out of her.

While it’s fine to put a little bit of pressure on her, you do not want to come down too hard on her. Even if the model is gay, he may not appreciate you belittling or treating her (or anyone else) poorly, especially if she is viewer that is actually paying for different requests. If you notice some of the other men harassing her, come to her defense. It could earn you extra credits from the model that you are watching.

While you want to treat a woman in the chat as if she is no different than anyone else, you definitely want to avoid flirting with her. This will annoy the model, and will quickly put you on a list of bad fans.


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