Tips for Hiding Your Cam Site Hobby from Housemates

“Don’t let them find out”
As far as hobbies go, visiting cam sites is one you’re probably not going to share with a ton of people. While there’s nothing wrong with getting off while watching an unbelievably gorgeous cam guy, it’s not something you want to be public knowledge. Visiting cam sites can get tricky if you don’t live along and can get really tricky if you’re sharing a house with a bunch of other guys. Living in close quarters doesn’t mean you have to give up your lust for hot cam performers. It just means you have to get a little creative when you’re craving a fix.

Invest in Headphones

One of the biggest giveaways that you’re watching a cam guy do his amazing thing is the sound. Even a locked door can’t muffle the sound of that hot Nordic dude telling you how hard he is. If you want to be as discreet as you possibly can, buy some headphones. You can get ear buds for cheap, but the sound quality isn’t as good with those. If good sound is a huge part of the experience for you, you’re going to want to invest in some decent headphones so that nothing is lost or distorted. Once you’ve got them, you can keep watching your favorite cam guy without worrying about someone overhearing what’s going on.

Pretend You’re in Bed

Turn off the lights, lock the door, and make everyone else in the house think you’ve gone to bed. Obviously this tactic isn’t going to work so well in the middle of the day. If it’s late at night you should be safe. This is a scenario when those headphones are going to come in really handy. Otherwise it won’t be hard for your housemates to figure out what’s going on when the sound of a guy that’s not you groaning is audible even from behind your locked door.

Password Protect Everything

“Deploy passwords”
Housemates tend to share things. Sometimes this includes computers. Unless you’re a fan of deleting your browser history every time you visit a cam site, you’re need to make sure nobody can access your computer but you. Use a password that’s not easy to guess (using your name and birthday is not a good call). If you absolutely have to share a computer with everyone else in the house, create different user accounts for everyone. This way they can log onto their own account and leave yours alone.

Schedule Your Visits

You’re going to want to visit your favorite cam site whenever you’re feeling horny. Unfortunately, if you don’t live alone that’s not always going to be possible. Instead you’ll have to plan out your cam site visits ahead of time. Try to aim for whenever you’re alone in the house. If that doesn’t happen often, late at night after everyone else has gone to bed is probably going to be your best bet. Just keep in mind that cam guys keep a schedule, too. Your favorite performers might not always be around when you are. If that’s the case, try to find one that tends to be online the same time that you are.


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