Tips for Getting Your Partner Interested in Cam Sites

What’s better than getting off to that hot Latino guy with the huge cock on a cam site? Being able to watch it all with your partner, unfortunately, not everyone is sold on the idea of cam sites. If you’ve been hiding your little cam site hobby from your partner because you’re afraid he’ll get pissed, it means you know he’s not okay with the idea. If you’ve been hiding it because you’re not quite sure how he’ll react, there might be hope. All you need to do is present it to him the right way to get him interested in trying it out with you. It’s how you introduce the idea that’s going to make or break the possibility.

Bring it Up Casually

“Keep it casual”
Asking him out of the blue if he’d want to watch another guy stroke his dick on webcam while you both watch, isn’t going to go over well. If you’re going to bring up the idea, you need to do it casually like it’s something you’ve been thinking about but haven’t actually done (he doesn’t need to know the truth yet). Make it sound like you’ve been thinking about it and you think it’s sexy, but you want to know how he feels. If he thinks you’re turned on by the idea, it’s going to sound intriguing. Make sure you don’t sound too excited about the prospect of getting off to a guy that isn’t him, though. You need to make sure he knows you’re the only one you’re interested in.

Make it His Idea

“Let him take the lead and choose”
People react best to ideas when they think they came up with them. If you can get your partner thinking that watching a cam guy together was his idea, he’ll be all for it. This isn’t easy to do. You’ll want to bring up the topic casually as mentioned earlier, but you’re going to want to do it in a way that gets him thinking about it a lot. Don’t say it’s something you want to do. Just say that it’s interesting and leave it at that. Once it’s in his head and he starts thinking about it, he might reach the conclusion that you want on his own. If he does, he’s going to start talking about it to see if you’d be down with the idea.

Ease Him into It

You can always expose him to a cam site and see what he thinks. Jumping right to a private chat with the hot blonde cam guy you’ve been visiting isn’t the best way to do this. Instead, just let your partner browse through the cam site and take a look at all the performers. Ask him to show you the ones he thinks are sexy and you can do the same. Take a look at the profiles for all the cam guys and read about what they’ll do in private. He might find the prospect just as arousing as you do, and if that’s the case you can drop some credits and get down to business with the guy you both decided on.


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