The Three Different Types of Gay Cam Performers

“Are you into bears?”

Gay cam performers often get shoved into the same little box. They’re gay, so they must be doing the same thing. But that’s just not true. Gay cam models are as varied as you can get, but they do have a few things in common depending on what “type” they might be. We’re not saying that there are only three different types, but if you’re hitting up a popular site for camming then you’ll notice that that’s generally the case. Once you figure out what these types are you can pick him off of the menu and get to the show.

The Bear

Bears are gay men who are really manly. They might be super hairy or generally really big, but one thing that’s for sure is that they command a room. These guys will boss you around like no other. Many bears are into the leather fetish scene, so chances are if he’s wearing some leather and looks like he’ll beat the shit out of you before getting you off then you found your guy. The great thing about a bear is that he can also make you feel pretty. If you’re a sissy or just want to know what it would be like to be the less masculine in the relationship this will be the guy to see.

The Sissy

Sissies tend to be the stereotype of gay people that the world thinks of. They’re pretty, have feminine mannerisms, possibly a squeaky voice, and tend to be bottoms. Sissies are always going to be well groomed, even if it’s not what you’d normally think. He could be in jeans and a t-shirt but you’d best believe his eyebrows are plucked to perfection. A sissy is a guy is the one who you want if you’re looking to boss someone around or have a more feminine cam model. He’ll still do all of the gay stuff, but don’t expect him to start busting out the whips on camera. You’ll be the one instigating or you’ll be a partner in the show. If you’ve ever wanted to be the more assertive one then you can ease into it with this type of cam model.

The Under Cover

“He may need some time to come out of the shell”

There are some gay guys who could pass as hetero on a daily basis. You might feel like you’re being tricked when you see the boy next door on your cam site, but he’s just as gay as anyone. You’ll only know it because of the section he’s in on the site and the fact that he’ll do a lot for dick. The best part about the Undercover Gay is that he can play a fantasy that the others can’t- the curious guy. Sure, a bear or a sissy can pretend to be straight but so romanced by your charm that they can’t resist. But it’s just not as believable. With this guy you’re sure to invest in the play that he’s just some man on the street who wants your hot body.


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