Surviving Public Chat on Cam Sites

“Avoid Scammers and trolls”
Everything on the Internet is going to have its share of annoyances. On cam sites, this includes scammers and trolls. Both of these are usually found in the site’s public chat, which can make sitting in public chat a less than pleasant experience. Unfortunately, public chat is kind of a necessary evil as it helps you eye up cam guys and decide whether they’re the right ones for you based on how the interact with everyone else. To make your time in public chat bearable, you need to know how to handle everything you’re going to find there.

Be Suspicious

Public chat should just be used by dudes just like you to flirt and make requests of cam guys. In addition to that, public chat is usually full of assholes trying to piss everyone off and people spamming links that generally aren’t safe. If you see a lot of the latter you should always be suspicious. Never click a link if you’re not sure what it will do. Most of the time these links are phishing attempts, and clicking them is only going to prompt you to hand over important info (your passwords or your credit card number). Don’t fall for it. Never click on anything you find in public chat.

Be Patient

Public chat is going to be full of guys just like you who want the exact same thing: a cam guy who takes their requests for tips or maybe even gives away some freebies. For that reason it can get a little chaotic. Surviving public chat means you need to have a lot of patience and common sense. Remember that cam sites are a business-cam guys aren’t going to be allowed to give too much away for free. So don’t sit there expecting a full show when you’re not even willing to pay. If you want him to do what you’re asking, be prepared to tip. Also be prepared to have to ask again and again because everyone else in the chat is asking too.

Be Vigilant

“Keep your eyes open”
Trolls can really ruin your cam site experience. These jerks sit in public chat and try to start shit however they can. They’ll insult other users and they’ll insult the cam guy. They’ll pick fights over stupid things. As tempting as it is to jump in and turn into a defender of everyone, don’t. That’s just feeding the troll. Instead, watch and wait. Eventually the troll will cross the line, which means you can report his ass to the cam site’s customer support. He’ll get banned, public chat will be free of one less idiot, and you can go back to trying to get the cam guy to do what you want.

Be Different

If you’re sitting in a chat room full of desperate, horny idiots, it’s not to your advantage to act just like them. If you want to catch the eye of a cam guy, you need to stand out. This doesn’t mean you should type in all caps and use a lot of exclamation marks. It does mean that you should use “please” and “thank you” and try to respect a cam guy as a person instead of just a hot dude with a huge cock.


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