Signs Your Cam Site Hobby Is More of an Addiction

“Get over your addiction”

Looking at or watching porn doesn’t make you a bad person. Porn has been around for thousands of years (seriously, there’s ancient Greek pottery with images of two guys going at it). Guys are wired to get hard when they see something that’s visually arousing. So no, heading over to PornHub every now and then or paying for a cam guy doesn’t make you a bad person. There is a point where it stops being a “sometimes” occurrence and crosses over into “too much.” And once you’re there, your hobby turns into an addiction.

You Need a Fix Every Couple Hours

Like any addiction, being addicted to the whole cam site scene means you won’t be able to go more than a couple hours without having a craving to pay for some private time with a cam dude. If you need to visit a cam site more often, you’ll also be burning money faster. You shouldn’t constantly have the urge to pay for a private chat with a cam guy. It’s okay to want it sometimes, but needing it every day, several times a day is a huge red flag that you’ve got a problem.

You Don’t Care What It Costs

Addictions make it easy to stop caring about how much you’re spending getting your fix. It’s the same with a cam site addiction. You’ll be so amped up over watching cam guys while you get off that you’ll stop caring about how much you’re spending in order to do so. Any kind of addiction is going to be terrible for your bank account. This is no different. Cam sites aren’t cheap, and dropping credits on private chats every day is going to start adding up real fast.

Nothing Else Works For You

“Understand the triggers that turn you on”

If you can only get hard when you’re watching a cam guy, you’re in trouble. It means that you’ve desensitized yourself to any other kind of sexual stimulation. Your brain and your body only want what they get from cam sites. Nothing else will work. This is bad news if you’re in a relationship, because your partner is going to figure out fast that something’s not right. He’ll also start to feel rejected and unattractive because he no longer turns you on. Any kind of porn addiction will ruin relationships, and a cam site fixation is no different.

You Keep Needing More

If you’re truly addicted to getting off with cam guys, you’re going to start noticing that you keep needing more and more to get to the point of orgasm. One private chat with a cam guy might not be enough. Instead you’ll have to pay for larger and larger chunks of time. While this is also bleeding your bank account dry, it’s also a sign that your addiction is escalating. At some point you probably won’t be able to get off at all without logging into a cam site, which is really going to screw up your sexual life offline. If you’ve gotten to this point, you seriously need to consider taking a step back and seeking help. You can come back from any kind of addiction, this one included.


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