Questions to Ask Male Cam Models Before You Watch Them Perform

“If you are spending your money on him, you need to ask questions”

When it comes to watching live male cam shows, you may want to consider asking a few questions before you even sit down to watch a show. Every user has a right to ask questions about the model they will be watching. If you’re going to spend your money on his show, he needs to be worth it.

Try Before You By

In many place, and with many things, you get to sample something before you make a purchase. Just because what your purchasing is the opportunity to view a live cam model does not mean that you should sacrifice trying before you buy. Many cam models have profiles that contain a rate, ranking, and comment system to let you know what to expect before you pay to watch them perform. That is great for men who like to be optimistic about their performers. However, there are questions that you can ask a model before you even pay for a show that can help you determine if their show will be something that you are interested in watching.

A good cam site will allow you to leave messages for models that go straight to their inbox for them to read. If the site you are using has this type of setup, take advantage of it. Ask him if he has any try before you buy videos. Some cam sites will have these videos readily available and free of charge, while others won’t mention it unless you ask about it first. You should also ask about the setup of the space he will be performing in, as well as what type of computer and/or webcam he will be using to film his shows. If your model doesn’t have a private message option or a message board, direct your questions to customer support to relay to the model.

What Makes Their Show Worthwhile?

“Ask him about the kind of toys he likes”

You should also take a moment to question whether or not the show will be worthwhile to you. While you may not want to ask that question verbatim, you should still ask why the model knows you will enjoy his show. Ask about any props he will use during the show. Also ask if he will use any toys, and for him to give you a general idea of the toys that you can expect to see.

A good male cam model will be willing to share this information with you. He will also make sure to sound enthusiastic about what he is telling you. If your model gives you a flat list, refuses to answer your questions, or ignores you altogether, do not bother wasting your money on him. Cam models know that you are the reason that they get paid. Their job is to turn you on. If he’s not willing to do that, you can be certain that his show will be a waste of your time.

Keep in mind that there may be situations where a model hypes himself up to be a great performer, but ends up being a waste of your time. Try your best to tell when he is lying to you.


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