Pushing the Boundaries with Your Favorite Cam Man and Getting Personal

“Ask him to do something, just for you”

Sometimes the impersonal aspect of using cam sites can be a great escape from the usual drama of the real-life dating and hookup scene. However, sometimes you might get a bit tired of constantly logging off the site and having no further contact with your favorite cam model. Maybe you’ve even started to get a little bit sweet on one of your favorite models. We won’t judge – every guy has been there at one point. It can be a bit difficult to get up close and personal with a cam model, since they try rather hard to maintain their privacy, but there are ways you can go about it and there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind before you jump the gun and go for it.

How to Push His Limits

It is not always easy to convince cam models to get closer to you, and you want to push his limits at first to test how difficult he’s going to be about it. If he clams up and refuses to tell you anything no matter how sweetly you ask, you know you have a long haul ahead of you. If you decide to back off at this point, no one will fault you for it. It’s not really worth it to bother with one cam model if he’s going to be prickly about getting personal with you. If you’re determined to push his limits, start by asking somewhat harmless personal questions like what his favorite color is or what state he lives in. Work your way up gradually so you don’t scare him off!

Convincing Him to Get Personal with You

Once you’ve tested the waters a bit, it can be a difficult leap to get him to be actually interested in sharing personal details with him. It is important to establish a friendly relationship with him so that he stops viewing you as a paying customer quite as much. This can be a good way to entice him into sharing contact details with you. Either that or you may want to try and convince him to get on a video messenger with you so that you can discuss his next show in private. Try to be firm but polite so that he doesn’t get any wrong ideas about what you want!

Dangers of Getting Too Close

“You may get your heart broken”

Of course, there are dangers to getting too close to a cam model, even male ones. He may be quite a drama king behind the scenes and he could wind up making your life a living hell if you get into a messy relationship. It also more or less destroys the professional customer relationship you previously had with him, so don’t try to get up close and personal if you want to keep watching his cam sites on a regular basis. It can get messy quickly – just think about dating a stripper or escort and you generally have the same idea of the things that can go wrong in this situation as well.


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