How to Tell at a Glance If He’s Pro or Casual

"He looks like a pro"

“He looks like a pro”

The beauty of cam sites for the cam men is that it doesn’t have to be a full time job unless he wants it to be. For every man who works eight hours a day in front of the camera there are three or four who only log on when it suits them. They treat it like a part time job at best and a hobby that gets they money at worst. If you want a good time you should stick to the pros; they know how to work it the best. Telling the casual cam model apart from the professional cam performer can be difficult. Here are three tricks that will help you spot the difference without spending a lot of time and money with them for the privilege.

The Quality of His Camera

You can tell right away that a grainy image belongs to a casual cam performer. He might even be using the camera that came with his laptop. As every real cam model knows, those cameras are crap compared to what you can buy for as little as $40 online. When you’re looking for a professional you can tell them by the quality of their equipment. They’ll have microphone enabled, HD quality cameras with incredibly fast Internet connections. When you make your living working in front of the camera it just makes sense. A casual cammer isn’t willing to spring for all that equipment, and it will definitely show in their feed. Why pay for a sub par experience?

How Clean His Background Is

"Get a clear background"

“Get a clear background”

A professional cam man will treat his workplace like just that: a workplace. You won’t see clutter or garbage in the background of the professional cam model’s workspace. If you’re looking for the best cam show around you should avoid the man who leaves his laundry in the back of his image. You can bet that this shows a sloppy work ethic that’s going to carry over to his real work as well. There’s nothing that can be done to cure that kind of sloppiness so you’ll have better luck if you move on to the performer who cares enough about appearances not to work in a pigsty.

If Things Ever Get Awkward in His Chat

A truly professional cam man always has something to say. His income depends on people staying in his chat and taking him private. This means that he can’t be spending too much time in awkward silence. That’s not engaging to an audience. Plus, if someone new joins the chat right in the middle of a big boring part he’s not going to keep them as a paying customer. The ability to keep a chat going at any cost is a matter of experience. If a man is a casual cam model he might not get enough experience to keep it going even if technically he’s been part of the cam scene for months or years. If you enter a cam performer’s chat and everything is cemetery quiet then you know that you’re dealing with an amateur. You can be bored at home for free, so ditch him and find a man who knows how to keep the party going all night long.


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