Going Cam to Cam With Your Favorite Stud Model

“Have fun with your favorite cam model”
Cam sites are awesome because of how many different experiences they offer. Yeah, it’s basically just you watching another guy stroke himself over webcam, but there are a ton of variables before you reach that point. The type of cam guys you choose from offers a ton of variety. The types of things they’re willing to do gives you a lot of choice, too. If you really want to mix it up and have a cam guy experience like no other, consider trying out a cam to cam session. It’ll cost you a little more and it might be a little weird at first, but it’s going to be hotter than any other private chat you’ve ever had. If you want to make the most out of a cam to cam chat, you need to make sure you’re prepared.

Clean Yourself Up

Cam to cam is kind of like a hot date in that you’ll both be seeing each other naked. The major difference is that he’s used to being display and you probably aren’t. For that reason, you might feel awkward, nervous, or insecure once your webcam starts rolling. To minimize your chances of feeling any of those, you should get yourself looking as good as possible before you decide to go cam to cam. This basically means you should manscape. If you don’t usually rock hair on your chest (or you think you’d look better without it), try waxing. The same goes for down there-if your pubes are wild and crazy, they’re probably obscuring your junk, which is going to be a large part of the focus once you’re on webcam. Trim them up or shave them so that your cock looks longer and bigger. There’s not much you can do if you’re sporting a FUPA except try to find the best camera angle. Just remember-he’s seen worse.

Fix the Lighting

“Ensure good lighting”
The whole point of trying cam to cam is that you both see each other. If you’ve got crappy lighting, he’ll just be watching a silhouette that kind of looks like it’s masturbating. Natural light is the best for being on camera, but jerking off outdoors will probably get you arrested. Your best lighting resources aren’t expensive equipment that you need to run out and by. Instead, make sure all the lights are on in the room you’re in (make sure all the curtains are up to let the sunlight in, too). If it’s still not enough, grab a desk lamp and point it your way. That should be enough to make it work.

Know What You Want

Cam to cam is basically the two of you watching each other masturbate. You can still tell him what to do, though, so you need to know what you want before you pay for your time. Tell him in advance if you want him to talk dirty to you, if you want him wearing something special, if you want him in a certain position, or if you want him to role play. That way you’re not wasting time after you’ve already paid and you can just sit back, lube up, and enjoy the show.


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