Getting Closer to Your Cam Man

“Don’t be shy – get close to your cam man”

Cam models are sexy, it’s sort of their job. They tend to get away with certain things like sharing the affection of thousands of people and pretending to fall for all of them. It’s their job to keep their fans happy and to bring every fantasy to life. Since they’re so good at it, you’ll find that a lot of the time you end up getting really invested in these guys. It’s not always easy to find gay or bi guys in many smaller towns so the feeling is natural. But it’s what you do to get closer to the guy that really matters.

Become a Regular

When you’re a new guy online and you find that you really want to get at some male cam model it is way too creepy to just start talking to him out of the blue. In the world of the Internet there are a ton of people who just start cyber stalking. It starts out simply: you’re always on their channel, get all flustered and compliment them constantly, and tell them how much you care. But really all that they’re thinking is that you’re a creep and they can’t wait to have this session be done. Instead just spend time in the chat room and throw some private chats in there. The less creepy and rushed you do it, the better.

Be Real

“Don’t pretend to be someone else”

This guy is used to having users throw themselves at him, but he’s not used to them being genuine. Cam sites are expressly made for the sake of getting some guys off. They come for a more personal porn experience. But if you take the time to actually talk to him he’ll dig it. Even though you may end up paying for a little bit of it, you’ll end up getting a lot closer to him in the end.

Being real with the guy will also make you way more memorable. This is especially true if he’s a popular gay model. Seeing as many people as he does it’s going to be easy to forget one man. Take into account the fact that most of the time you won’t be on a cam and it’s even worse.

Just Talk

Any relationship that starts with just sex isn’t going to get very far, even if it’s only online. Taking the time to actually talk to him about interests and getting to know each other is automatically going to make you more memorable and relatable. Plus he might really like the break from having to be a sexual beast. Give him the chance to realize that you’re into him for a while and then give him your email. At that point it’s not super threatening and he has control over whether he gets to start something here or not.

Getting closer to your cam man isn’t as difficult as you’d think. You just have to make sure that you do it in a way that doesn’t say that you’re super stalky or trying to creep on him. Cam models are all about safety, so being non-threatening is a must.


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