Extreme Exhibitionism: What to Expect When He Takes the Show On the Road

When a male cam model wants to bring his show to other locations, it can be a great way to explore exhibitionism without actually putting yourself out there. While there are definitely disadvantages to watching a cam model who likes to take his show on the road, you won’t know if the pros outweigh the cons until you view one for yourself.

What to Expect

“You like exhibitionism”

If you and the live male cam model you are watching both have an exhibitionism kink, watching a model who likes to take his show on the road can be ridiculously hot and exciting. Regardless of what it may sound like, when a live cam model takes his show on the road, what it really means is that he is a model who often performs in various locations. This means that when you watch his shows, he could be anywhere, from a private study room in a library, to bathroom in a museum.

When you end up finding one of these models, there are a few things you can expect. He will usually plan where his next setup will be weeks to months in advance. It can take a lot of work to plan to perform in a public setting without getting caught, so you can’t expect him to carry out one of your suggested locations the next day. You may also have to settle for not being able to see all of him when he is performing. Many times, these times of performers will keep the camera focused below the waist because he will have to appear less suspicious to those around him.

Lots of Bumps Along the Way

“It is possible that he might not be gay”

A downside to these types of performers is that you use a lot of what you would get in any typical show. Many of these shows will be completely silent, meaning that you won’t get to hear him moan, or to hear his voice. There is also the chance that the video feed may disappear altogether if he believes that he’s in danger of getting caught. Most cam models try to prevent this from happening, but it can’t always be avoided.

You also may not be able to request certain things doing his shows, which can be downright annoying. Your cam model may be brave, but he may not be as brave as you want him to be. Asking him to do things to unsuspecting people is usually out of the question; so if that is what you had in mind, don’t get your hopes up. Another disadvantage about shows performed in risky locations is that they don’t generally last as long as shows that are performed in the comfort of a model’s home.

If you want to experience watching a live cam show with a model who likes to perform in various locations, you should start by selecting one who is experienced. New models can save you some money, but lots of times their shows aren’t as exciting as someone who knows exactly what he is doing.


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