Being Prepared to Cover Your Cam Habits

“Hide your cam habits”

Cam habits aren’t something to be ashamed of, but it’s easy to see how you might want to keep them a secret. No one needs to know what you do with your spare time and honestly it’s just easier to avoid talking about it (parents and boyfriends never need to see that stuff).That’s why you’ve got to be prepared to cover up your cam habits. Keeping a few tricks up your sleeves that will allow you to quickly and easily cover your tracks can save you on the spot and in the long run.

Keep Tabs on It

It doesn’t matter what you’re intending to do after you get off of the cam site, you’ve got to have another tab open. Having Google as the blank page is decent, but it still shows that you haven’t done anything. Instead choose a site that you often visit or has a variety of information on it. That way when someone walks in the room you can quickly hit the alt+tab keys to scroll over to the next page. Of course, you’re going to have to make sure that you can quickly mute your computer. Even if the screen is gone you’re going to have sound available, so have a quick key ready to turn it down.

Delete Your History

This is so basic, but surprisingly not everyone is aware of it. Your computer keeps a record of your history throughout the wonderful world of the Internet. This can be handy if you’ve forgotten where you visited, but it’s terrible if you want to go to and instead your parents see Those are very different sites. So go into your browser’s settings and select “History”. From there you can choose what you’re going to delete. Keep in mind that if you delete everything it’s going to look very suspicious to whoever is looking.

Get Rid of the Cookies

“Don’t forget to clear the cache and cookies”

While you’re poking around your history deleting all of the incriminating evidence you may as well select clear cookies too. Cookies are little packets of info that your browser hangs on to prepare your next experience. It auto fills pages, keeps user names and passwords, and just generally lets whoever is using your computer see what your top pages are. Deleting these will make it to where you have to fill in your info, but it’s better than your boyfriend coming along and poking around your online profiles.

Keep It Weird

A lot of guys set aside a time to browse cam sites. That’s fine for most of the time, but if you get into the habit of keeping a weird schedule then you won’t have to be conspicuous. If you’re gone for an hour every evening in the dungeon of your bedroom the people around you might notice and become curious. That curiosity can lead to a lot of snooping around in private computers. Even if you think they won’t notice, you’d be surprised what people will do when you’re not around.


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