3 Requests to Make of a Male Cam Performer to Make the Fun Last Longer

"Have fun with your male cam performer"

“Have fun with your male cam performer”

To a man trying to save money, a short cam show sounds like the perfect deal. If you need something a little bit longer to get your satisfaction, however, there are some specific requests that you can make that will allow the show to last longer for both you and him. Try these on and you can basically customize the length of your cam show to fit your specific needs.

Ride a Dildo

If you want to get a good show for your money you should have your cam man ride a dildo. This makes more effort on his part and offers you something better on yours. It also takes longer for a man to finish this way than if it was a hand game the whole time. This means that you can be sure that the show is going to last for as long as you need it too. There’s also more to control when you’re watching him ride. You can ask for dildo size options, tell him to go fast or slow or change how he’s positioned to the camera so that you get the best view. If you’re a perfectionist than this is the thing for you; tweak the combination of dildo and camera angle to get the best view of your life.

Give Close-Ups to the Camera

"This is better than close-ups"

“This is better than close-ups”

If you want extreme close ups then you should be aware that they’re going to break the flow of the motion. He actually has to get physically closer to the camera to give you these shots. The high end, expensive webcams are nice but they still don’t come with a professional photographer who can zoom in in all the right places. When you’re trying to prolong the show a close up request is a good way to go about it. The performer can think about something else and get a chance to hold himself together. You can see every glistening scrap of skin you want to while you make sure that the cam session will be something you remember for a long, long time.

Change Role Play Scenarios

There’s nothing to take you out of the moment like actually leaving the moment. If you’re a fan of role play scenarios with your cam man, just tell him to change scenes when things start getting too hot to last. You should have a short list of scenes you’d like to do that you discuss with them before hand. That way you don’t have to stop the whole thing to negotiate the terms of the next scene. You can just switch from one fantasy to another. This means that you’ll have to rebuild all that delicious tension that can be the best part for some men. When you’ve successfully gone through a couple scenarios to almost completion you can be sure that you got your money’s worth while indulging your imagination.

Making it last is an art form. Experiment with combining these techniques to build your own thrill ride of highs and lows of sexual tension. When you’ve figured out how much one thing turns you on and how much a disruption sets you back you can work out your perfect cam session from scratch every time just going by how you feel moment to moment while you’re camming.


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